Slovenian-Italian translations

Despite its small size, Slovenia’s close proximity to Italy drives substantial trade between the countries, making the former Yugoslavia Italy’s key partner in the Balkans. A major market for Italian goods, Slovenia is also an extremely attractive target for investments, with a steadily growing economy, qualified workers and sound infrastructure. Landoor’s project managers receive many requests for technical translations from Slovenian to Italian and vice versa, mainly in the following business sectors:

Demand for legal translations between Slovenian and Italian is also high due to the booming financial and insurance business. In all these fields, Landoor uses mother-tongue translators who are extremely competent in this language, which is also spoken in certain regions of Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia. We meet the highest standards in the linguistic, cultural and functional localization of websites, apps and e-commerce portals in Slovenian and provide expert interpreters for business negotiations and trade fairs.

For additional details on translation rates from Slovenian to Italian please contact our Project Manager

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