Leveraging AI’s Full Potential Without Sacrificing Quality and Data Security

In today’s digital world, artificial intelligence (AI) is a game-changer, transforming the translation industry. At Landoor, we aim to do more than just cut costs with AI. Our goal is to use AI to improve translation quality, speed up turnaround times, and ensure data privacy and security.

Landoor’s Unique AI Strategy

As a forward-thinking, certified SME, Landoor prioritises research and development as key components of our business and identity. Our R&D team has been working on AI solutions for years, focusing on blending AI with specialised knowledge bases built from 35 years of professional translation experience.

Integrating AI into Professional Workflows

The key to our AI solutions’ success is their seamless integration into a well-established professional workflow refined over 35 years. This not only enhances translation efficiency but also ensures top-quality results.

Embedding AI in Client Processes

We offer solutions that integrate smoothly with our clients’ workflows by:

    1.  Assessing the types of documents typically handled by the client, considering content, target audience, objectives, formats, and confidentiality levels.
    2. Reviewing the client’s current processes for managing these documents.
    3. Providing recommendations to optimise client processes with AI-human integrated solutions, developed collaboratively with Landoor’s consultants.

Privacy at the Heart of Landoor’s AI

Data privacy is a core priority in our AI strategy. Landoor is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified, underscoring our commitment to data security. We implement stringent standards and processes to mitigate privacy risks, particularly those associated with generative AI. By classifying documents based on their confidentiality levels, we ensure that all information is handled with the highest degree of security and privacy.