Landoor, much more than a translation agency

Landoor is the go-to language service partner for leading businesses operating on the most challenging global markets: Life Sciences, Technology-Industry, Leisure and Digital. We are headquartered in Milan with correspondent offices in London, Berlin and Paris, but no country is too far and no language is truly foreign. Our carefully vetted translators (60 in-house and 2,350 in target countries) working directly in target countries accurately and effectively convey your message with exceptional language skills and in-depth specialized expertise in the different business sectors. With pro-active, dedicated project managers specializing in the various sectors and located in key countries around the world, Landoor covers all time zones, deftly responding to your requests without delay. When they choose Landoor, clients gain a trusted partner for their translation workflow, one they can rely on even in the most critical stages via Landoor’s translation platform operating 24/7/365, in addition to innovative language technology solutions developed by Landoor’s own in-house R&D department and technological intrustructure built to ensure data security and service continuity.

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Translation project management

Landoor meets the challenges of a multi-language market ensuring its clients enjoy rapid turnaround, even for high-volume projects and highly complex, specialized documents. In addition to its project management team of highly competent professionals who establish supportive relationships with clients, Landoor has developed Door24®, a proprietary online TMS (translation management system), available to both clients and the translation team around the clock, every day of the year. Using this powerful app, clients can upload the documents to be translated and view their complete history of projects submitted to Landoor over the years, while project managers can use this single tool to manage the complete workflow from when a quote is requested to when the job is invoiced. In turn, our vendor managers use the platform to register, recruit, vet and continuously assess human resources (translators, editors, proofreaders, DTP professionals, curators and any other resource involved in the provision of the service), who are the beating heart of Landoor’s business. A simple chart gives a clear idea of the key steps in the management of a translation project at Landoor: Landoor’s translation project management The Production – Professional Translation, Review, Formatting, Quality Control workflow can be expanded, depending on the type of text and the client’s requests, to include additional proofreading, peer revision (ISO 17100), specialized review, copy-editing, transcreation and other copywriting or editorial services, as well as localization, subtitling, voice-overs and dubbing, data curation and graphics.

Our translation method is based on “human-to-human technology”

Our translation approach can be summed up as human-to-human. For us, translating is not the mere mechanical conversion of a text from one language to another but a skillful process in which the original message is brought to life in another culture. Fundamentally, any client submitting a document to a translation agency hopes to receive back a text that effectively conveys its message in another language and in another culture. And Landoor meets this core need with mother-tongue translators, transcreators and copy editors capable of not only producing a “simple” translation, but genuinely adapting the text to the culture that will receive it. Our greatest strength is knowing how to convey the deepest, truest essence of a translation. We get to the heart of every text and tailor it to the target language and culture, considering their specific social and communicative facets. This is because, as much as we can and must rely on technology, humans are still the most sophisticated algorithm. Specialized translations But what about technology? We use it, boy do we use it! Landoor has always invested in technology and conducts extremely innovative R&D in the field of Language Technology. But high-tech tools cannot replace people, they can only make their work easier and enable a translation agency to deftly handle in the blink of an eye enormous volumes of content on a vast range of platforms and channels.

The translator’s kit: content and term management tools

For every translation project, Landoor provides its translators and proofreaders with a specific kit of excellent language technology solutions (CAT tools) to make their work faster and improve the overall quality of the translation, in terms of both content and consistent language and style. These tools are incorporated in a collaborative translation platform shared in real time on the cloud with a multitude of functions, including:

  • Translation memories – known as TMs
  • Termbases – glossaries
  • Quality checks – sophisticated tools to check terminology, syntax and spelling

To help our professionals use the client’s preferred style, the package also often includes style guides specifically developed for each client and updated in real time based on client feedback. Used together, all these tools ensure that the finished product is perfectly consistent with the company’s own voice and language and efficiently draws on previously translated content validated by the client, thereby reducing costs and times.

Neural Machine Translation

For companies that request it and for internal documents only, to quickly identify content or to create a rough translation on which to prepare subsequent documents, Landoor offers neural machine translation (NMT) services, and can train machines with content specific to the sector or company. The initial rough translation can then be refined – as needed – with various levels of post-editing (PEMT) services, in which our human translators fix the inevitable flaws of machine translation.

Translations in every language of the world

With a team of highly qualified mother-tongue translators and localizers operating in the countries whose languages are the most widely spoken in the world, Landoor is the preferred language service partner for key players on global markets.

Additional services: sworn translations

For the certification of documents translated by Landoor in countries where the documents will be used, for instance, when bidding for an international contract, Landoor offers sworn, legalization, consulate certification and apostille services.

Landoor’s vendor management

Landoor has a network of rigorously vetted and highly talented linguists, localizers and proofreaders with a proven track record, for an impeccable final product. Every translator is selected according to their academic record, proven experience in their field of specialization, language technology skills and, especially, language and specialization tests. All the human resources recruited by Landoor receive ongoing training over the years to continuously polish their skills for improved content and method. In addition, the continuous assessment system integrated in our management program means the qualifications and scores of every resource are constantly updated based on their development over time and the ongoing evaluations of their work. Landoor’s global platform encompasses over 2,400 professional translators – including 60 in-house and 2,350 in target countries – exclusively translating into their native language and in their respective areas of expertise, with the support of a team of proofreaders, editors and consultants, a series of professionals contributing their highly specialized technical knowledge to the style and content of every project. Landoor invests significantly in recruiting, training and continuously assessing its human resources because its strategic vision revolves around the irreplaceable value of people. The agency’s HR program is documented and constantly updated in internal procedures compliant with the quality control system certified in accordance with ISO 9001, 17100 (translations) and 10574 (interpreting).

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