Simultaneous interpreting

As its name suggests, simultaneous interpreting is when an interpreter translates the speaker’s words in real time. Simultaneous interpreters sit inside a soundproof booth, listen to the speaker through headphones and translate simultaneously into a microphone (with a very short lag) for the audience receiving the translation through earpieces. This interpreting technique is recommended for conferences with a large number of participants from many different countries. According to best practices, there should be at least two interpreters per language, alternating in shifts, with one ISO-compliant soundproof booth overlooking the auditorium or conference room. Upon request, Landoor may also supply one or more interpreter booths with workstations equipped with consoles, microphones for the speakers and receivers for the audience.

Simultaneous interpreting with portable kits

Portable kits are used for simplified simultaneous interpreting when the company or organization does not have the systems and booths that would otherwise be needed. The kit consists of portable transmitters and receivers similar to those used by tour guides, for simultaneous interpreting without a soundproof booth. This solution is appropriate for meetings and short, informal events (workshops, lunches and other corporate events) and is only feasible for small groups of people. Upon request, Landoor also provides the microphones and headphones for simultaneous interpreting with portable kits.

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