Translation and localisation for the pharmaceutical industry

Landoor is the partner of choice for leading pharmaceutical companies in some of the key phases of their processes. Of these, the marketing of a drug is one of the most delicate and complex steps: beginning with research and development of a molecule, it continues with preclinical and clinical trials and patent filing before culminating with product launch on the market. In fact, the development and marketing of a pharmaceutical product involves various different linguistic stages: the development of clinical protocols, the writing of medication package inserts, the creation of texts for pharmaceutical handbooks or for scientific marketing. In each of these phases it is essential to ensure the utmost precision of terminology, producing reliable content that is accurate and clear but also consistent in terms of style. In order to guarantee maximum precision, faithfulness to the original text and the clear replication of concepts, translations for pharmaceutical companies must be entrusted to professionals with in-depth technical and scientific expertise, a complete grasp of the terminology (general and corporate) and a precise, crisp and appropriate written style. Our translators specialising in medical and pharmaceutical documents are always supported by revisers and consultants with expertise in the area. The Landoor department dedicated to pharmaceutical translations has acquired extensive experience working for a wide range of clients in the pharma industry. Its main activities include:

  • translation of documents written by clinical research labs;
  • translation of statistical analysis documentation;
  • translation of CME (Continuing Medical Education) documents for health workers;
  • dossiers written by drug safety and regulatory offices following requests by government authorities.

Meanwhile, for the translation of medication package inserts Landoor’s Life Sciences Department combines the work of the scientific editorial team with that of our Desktop publishing experts. The result is a complete work cycle which begins with translation and revision (peer revision or scientific revision), continues with desktop publishing and the consistency of the packaging, and finishes with quality control. The creation of medication package inserts also includes the production of bilingual versions and the development of FIT forms in German for the Alto Adige region. A concise list of the types of documents Landoor translates in the pharma sector:

  • Scientific articles (specialist or general)
  • Pharmaceutical newsletters
  • Drug patents
  • Brochures and leaflets
  • Press releases
  • Informed consent forms
  • Documents for labs
  • Company documents
  • Marketing authorisation dossiers
  • AIFA (Italian Medicines Agency) dossiers
  • Pharmacotoxicological dossiers
  • Medication package inserts
  • CME (Continuing Medical Education)
  • Manuals for research labs
  • Product monographs
  • Multimedia presentations
  • Management procedures
  • Preclinical trial protocols
  • Clinical trial protocols
  • Research protocols
  • Market research
  • Pharmaceutical science magazines
  • Peer-review science magazines
  • Corporate websites
  • Individual websites
  • Clinical trials
  • Scientific information content
  • Heath information content

For regulatory authorities and drug agencies:

  • Drug use guidelines
  • Pharmaceutical handbooks
  • Department of Health Notebooks
  • AIFA (Italian Medicines Agency) reports
  • Drug safety magazines

For more information or to get a free quote for your medical translations please contact: (PM and Head of the Scientific Editorial Team).

For any translated document Landoor can also provided a sworn or certified translation service and, where necessary, add legalisation, apostillation and consularisation services.

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