Language technology – e-learning localization

Businesses and training organizations use learning management systems (LMS) and e-learning platforms to develop and provide e-learning courses. Landoor is their trusted partner, capable of handling content localization (be it training for onboarding, marketing, product presentation, exercises with virtual clients or a material to study) and reorganizing and redesigning the material in the target language. This is explored in more detail in the section on Localization – E-learning. Landoor’s resources are specifically designed to manage the translation of texts and multimedia files on the e-training platform and, upon completion of the translation with any necessary tweaks, to reorganize the translated training material, saving the client the trouble of having to make any further technical adjustments. Landoor manages many different types of course content, the simplest being the transformation of pre-existing content into a digital format (e-books or presentations converted into HTML) or animation (2D or 3D), web pages, audio, video and simulations. We also work with highly sophisticated content in the following text and image file formats, as well as tables, links and multimedia files:

  • FLA
  • SWF
  • EPS
  • PPT
  • Java
  • HTML
  • XML
  • JSP
  • JS
  • SYS
  • JSON

We handle the localization of e-learning courses with ease, using the latest tools like Articulate, iSpring and HTML 5. We recommend our clients use responsive authoring solutions to create courses that are optimized for both mobiles devices (tablets and smartphones) and PCs. Another essential feature of successful online training is the interoperability of the various operating systems based on specific standards (SCORM, AICC and IMS). Creating lessons and courses should also be as simple and intuitive as possible for the author, who should be able to focus on content without worrying about coding and other secondary aspects. This is possible when the software provides professional template and layout libraries for the creation of slides and/or integrated applications that can record screencasts with audio of the speaker’s voice. It is also extremely important to have authoring software with functions for the implementation of interfaces for automatic assessments and surveys, support for social/informational learning and gamification. If available in the source course, these features will make the localization easier and more functional. This is why Landoor is a valued partner in the development of e-learning designed for multilingual localization from the start.

A turnkey service

One professional with a wide cross-section of technical and language skills streamlines the workflow, with continuous quality control, so Landoor can respond rapidly, even to last-minute changes and additions. Clients, whether they are companies training their sales force and employees, professional training centers or academic institutions, entrust Landoor with the management of their e-learning courses, knowing they will receive perfectly localized tools that are ready for use, with time and cost savings they can count on.

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