Electronics translations

Landoor provides its clients with optimum localisation solutions in the electronics and ICT sector. In fact, it has developed a series of extremely structured and efficient management processes for multilingual translation projects which guarantee the production of high quality translated documents. On behalf of our clients we are able to call on a team of mother tongue professionals with in-depth knowledge (continuously updated) in the field of electronic products and information systems, who can also count on the assistance of professionals and engineers when managing translation queries and carrying out the final review of the texts. The field of telephony and consumer electronics (today dominated by smartphones, tablets, PCs and laptops, e-readers, cameras, videocameras and many other types of electronic devices) is particularly fast-moving and competition is very fierce in this sector. The process of localisation must take place simultaneously all over the world and time-to-market is a key success factor. For the launch of a product, software, user interfaces and, more generally, technical documentation must be translated promptly and in accordance with terminology standards. Meanwhile, promotional materials must be translated ad hoc, on the basis of the culture of the target audience, via a transcreation process. It is a similar story for sectors associated with electronics, such as information technology and communications, telecommunications, domestic appliances (brown and white goods), musical instruments, office automation, e-banking, networking, lighting, metrology and numerical control. Whether we are managing projects for major market-leading multinationals or little start-ups in the hi-tech sector, our clients know they can count on a team of technical translators whose specific training and expertise enables them to perfectly understand the source text and to identify the specific terminology to be employed in the translation. This is also thanks to the intelligent use of translation memories and terminology glossaries/databases customised for each client, which guarantee that the terminology and style used are consistent, speed up the work process and help Landoor cater for the client’s budget restrictions. In fact, rather than replacing the translator with automatic translations, CAT tools enable translators to churn out highly repetitive texts or documents that have only been slightly modified compared with previous versions at a much faster rate. For internal documents that must be understood at a glance but which are not for general circulation and do not need to be of the highest quality, to reduce costs and accelerate the process it is possible to request the use of automatic translation engines programmed and customised for the electronics sector and the specific jargon of the client. The Landoor teams specialised in electronics translations guarantee optimised workflows for translation/localisation projects concerning:

  • Patents;
  • Brochures, fliers and other information material;
  • Catalogues;
  • Press releases;
  • Multimedia content (subtitling, voiceovers and dubbing);
  • Contracts and legal documents;
  • CAD;
  • Technical documentation;
  • User interfaces (software and hardware);
  • Instruction manuals, operating guidelines and other technical manuals;
  • Sale offers;
  • Packaging and labels;
  • Advertorials for online and paper-based promotions;
  • Websites and e-commerce sites (localised for SEO);
  • Texts for press conferences.

Landoor’s team of specialist interpreters is available for trade shows, promotional events, roadshows and business meetings with services ranging from simultaneous interpreting (with the possible supply of fixed and mobile simultaneous interpreting equipment) to consecutive interpreting, chuchotage and liaison interpreting. Landoor’s interpreting services are certified according to the UNI 10574 standard.

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