Medical translations or pharmaceutical translations

Landoor has been working in the medical translation sector for thirty years, in close contact with managers of pharmaceutical companies and regulatory offices, manufacturers of electromedical equipment, medical-scientific publishers and researchers, hospitals and universities. The medical-scientific and medical translations supplied by Landoor range from books on specific or multiple areas, written for the industry or for universities, to scientific articles in specialist or general magazines, and from technical-medical manuals and health authority materials to documents connected with research (informed consent, protocols), registration (preclinical and clinical trials, clinical and pharmacotoxicological dossiers) and distribution (medication package inserts, brochures and websites, scientific marketing), and through to conference publications. Depending on the type of document, the texts often present overlaps with other areas, including humanities disciplines, or have a high percentage of technical content. Given the diversity of the target audiences and the specific purposes of the documents (for internal use or publication, for patients or doctors), they can have different registers, be it educational, specialist or technical. Over the years the Project Managers and resources of the Landoor Life Sciences medical translation team have developed a strict and systematic approach to the management of these texts, from the initial assessment phase onwards, and are acutely aware of the specific traits that characterise them, enabling them to organise a suitable work cycle and adopt the appropriate linguistic register. This expertise not only stems from Landoor’s decades of experience in the field but, more especially, from its close focus on the sphere of medical specialties. In fact, Landoor invests primarily in the selection, certification and continuous training of its medical team, from medical translators to editors, revisers and proofreaders, and through to medical writers and interpreters for medical conferences. Landoor provides these irreplaceable resources, who work directly in the company “workshop space”, with dedicated Language Technology tools (termbases and memories, quality control systems), developed through its own research or acquired from major suppliers in the sector and specifically designed for the medical and healthcare world. The revision or scientific supervision phase and the important step of final validation are also afforded plenty of attention at Landoor as underlined by the company’s partnership with a network of specialists who work in leading healthcare institutions and scientific university hubs. The rigorous and systematic nature of Landoor’s work in the medical sector is also an indisputable source of value for all of the others types of translations carried out by its translators. This precision enabled Landoor to become one of the first companies in the sector to obtain triple quality standard certification. The three macro areas of medical translations requested by Landoor’s clients are:

Translation and localisation for the pharmaceutical industry

The Landoor department dedicated to pharmaceutical translations, as ever supported by revisers and consultants with expertise in the area, produces clinical protocols and medication package inserts, translates medication package inserts, writes texts for pharmaceutical handbooks or for scientific marketing.

Translations for the world of healthcare

The Landoor Healthcare team provides translation services for applications in all of the most important languages, such as the localisation of doctor-patient and doctor/patient-pharmacy apps. Landoor offers excellent interpreting services for healthcare events and conferences, hospitals (public or private) and for university hubs specialising in medicine and healthcare science.

Translations for medical devices

With thirty years of experience in the translation and localisation of manuals and software in the medical sector, as certified by the leading ISO certification bodies and by its partnerships with high-profile international institutions, Landoor supplies translations for medical devices using translators with specific training in the medical and technical-scientific sphere.

Translation and localisation for the homeopathy industry

The Landoor department dedicated to medical translations also provides accurate translations of texts relating to homeopathic remedies, particularly packaging, press releases and marketing content intended for pharmacists and doctors, as well as the localisation of web pages for the best known international manufacturers operating in Italy.

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