Translations for the financial sector

Landoor is a highly specialized translation agency and trusted partner of public and private companies, entities and organizations operating in the financial sector and, specifically, asset and fund managers, banks and credit institutions, financial companies, investor relations firms, insurance companies, real estate companies, accounting firms and tax and financial advisors with operations in different countries. Based in Milan, Italy’s financial capital and home to one of the most important stock exchanges in the world, Landoor is an indispensable partner to all companies in the financial sector that need reliable communications to succeed globally.

Landoor is also the perfect partner for the Finance departments of companies operating in other sectors and those with an international footprint. Indeed, when clients in the pharma, medical, fashion or technical sector entrust Landoor with the translation or localization of their specialized documents, they gain access to expertise in all the financial aspects of their foreign operations. Moreover, impeccable financial translations from and into English or other major languages (especially English, German, Spain and French) are of vital importance: these companies must present official documents like analyses, reports and certification that are perfectly attuned to the legislative and financial framework of the target countries.

Perfect quality is paramount in financial translations. This is why at Landoor we use project managers and teams of professionals with two-fold expertise: they are both translators and specialists in domestic and international finance. Many of the linguists and editors on our team have previous experience as traders or financial analysts and a solid background in financial analysis and tax and finance law – while others are auditors or tax advisers and can be considered subject matter experts. They all consider it a matter of course to keep up to date on developments in the sector, reading major financial newspapers and periodicals in the languages they cover every day and frequently participating in major events and conferences. In a sector that, perhaps more than others, requires quick turnaround, professionals must have a background of solid expertise so they can work confidently, meeting urgent (and, at times, extremely urgent) requests, without ever losing sight of precision and the correct forms of expression in their translations.

Consistent, customized terminology

Our translators (exclusively native speakers of the target language) use the most up-to-date, official terminology (referring to the glossaries of reputable institutions like the Italian Banking Association, the Italian stock exchange and the ECB) and follow specific standards in the sector, such as the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). However, when we begin working with a client on a continuous basis, we use computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools to create translation memories (TM) and glossaries (termbases) that we build upon over time, capitalizing on previous translations that the client has validated so the word choices and style of the company’s communications are always consistent. If, as in the case of the first translations for a new client, these resources are not yet available, our translators conduct meticulous research to create bilingual term bases that reflect the company’s communications legacy and request the client’s approval before proceeding with the translation.

Upon the client’s request, after translation, we may provide administrative asseveration and certification with the court (which is necessary, for example, for companies to participate in an invitation to tender in a foreign country).

Who are Landoor’s main clients in the financial sector?

We provide excellent financial translation services to the following companies:

  • large multinational corporations and publicly listed companies
  • international banking groups
  • mutual funds and SICAVs
  • asset managers
  • insurance companies
  • real estate agencies
  • accounting firms
  • multinational, large, medium and small companies in all business sectors

What types of documents are categorized as financial translations?

The range of financial texts to be translated is extremely vast and often touches upon aspects pertaining to macroeconomics, microeconomics, finance and investing, accounting, business and management. We also translate any type of document relating to finance, banking and the stock exchange. Many of the translations in these sectors overlap with legal translations, and this is why we often work in collaboration with Landoor’s legal translation division.

We receive frequent requests for the translation of the following types of documents:

  • market analyses
  • annual reports
  • condensed financial reports
  • itemized financial statements
  • bilanci annuali
  • audited financial statements
  • statutory financial statements
  • consolidated financial reports (including the cash flow statement, the statement of changes in equity and the reconciliation of the parent company’s and the group’s equity and profit (loss) for the year)
  • final accounts
  • closing accounts
  • statutory/ordinary financial statements (consisting of the income statement, balance sheet, explanatory notes, directors’ report and auditors’ report)
  • sustainability reports
  • trial balances/provisional balance sheets
  • tax reporting
  • budgets
  • reclassified financial statements
  • social reports
  • going concern/bankruptcy certificates
  • market reports
  • letters to shareholders
  • contracts
  • intercompany transfer pricing policies for multinationals
  • due diligence reports
  • footnotes
  • business plans
  • charts of accounts
  • information memoranda
  • prospectuses
  • internal auditors’ reports
  • directors’ reports
  • reports of the board of statutory auditors
  • periodic reports
  • directors’ reports
  • cash flow statements
  • other reports
  • CSR reports
  • internal reporting (on governance, risk management, anti-money laundering and compliance)
  • meeting minutes
  • audit reports
  • minutes of the meetings of the board of directors
  • chamber of commerce certificates and similar documents

We also localize material that is more geared towards marketing and the public, such as:

  • apps for smartphones and tablets
  • articles and advertorials
  • brochures and flyers
  • advertising campaigns
  • press releases
  • social media content
  • business letters
  • newsletters
  • presentations and slideshows
  • websites and portals


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Translations for the banking sector

Landoor offers translation services to major international banking groups for documents like banks’ financial statements, disclosures to shareholders and investors and financial marketing material, as well as localization services for apps and online banking software.

Translations for asset managers and capital markets

Landoor offers top-quality translations to asset managers and investment funds operating on markets and in private banking, ensuring the perfect consistency of language, confidentiality and speed.

Investor relations translations

Companies’ IR departments and IR firms rely on Landoor for the translation/localization and interpreting of communications and disclosures between the company and the investor community.

Translations for the insurance sector

Top insurance companies trust Landoor for the translation of highly specialized documents like claims adjustment appraisals, insurance policies and claims.

Translations for the real estate sector

Landoor offers flawless translations for real estate, such as contracts, technical specifications for invitations to tender, actuarial reports and feasibility studies. We ensure utmost professionalism, quality and confidentiality.

Translation for accounting firms

Landoor translates reports and attestations issued by independent auditors on separate or consolidated financial statements and company assets.

Translations for tax and financial advisors

Landoor offers translation services to tax advisory firms for documents pertaining to transfer pricing, corporate, payroll and personal income taxes (even in court and out-of-court disputes). Furthermore, Landoor is specialized in the translation of transfer pricing documents.

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