Professional translations for restaurants

Those who operate in the catering sector may not always realise the importance of being able to clearly communicate also with foreign customers. This objective can be met by developing a clear and engaging website, and then by translating all information material displayed inside and outside the establishment, as well as brochures, fliers and of course all menus and wine lists.

Localisation of websites for restaurants

Landoor supports businesses in the catering industry by translating their websites, helping to optimise their image and reach out to the increasingly vast public that seeks information online and takes decisions on the basis of the recommendations and opinions of others. Increasing your online visibility and improving your image among a foreign public can be achieved through the appropriate localisation of the website texts, that is by carefully adapting them to the culture of the target audience. Our translators are mother tongue professionals who know how to combine the precise use of terminology with the persuasive language of marketing, and have the ability to add any necessary clarifications in order to explain concepts that are foreign to the reader’s culture. In addition, the localisation carried out by Landoor is always SEO-oriented, i.e. shaped by the use of carefully studied keywords and metatags. Those who have already adapted their website to the Italian market in this regard must focus the same attention on the foreign language versions of the site if they want to appear among the first hits on the most widely used search engines in the target country (e.g. Google in English, German, French, Japanese or Russian).

Translation of menus

Very few foreign diners will feel at home in a restaurant where the menu is either partially or completely incomprehensible to them. Restaurant menus often include sketchy English translations of the names and descriptions of their dishes which do not clearly convey the details. In reality, the accurate multilingual translation of a menu is key to meeting the needs of both foreign customers and restaurateurs, who will benefit from an improved image and a definite increase in their business volumes. What are the features of a well-translated menu? The ideal menu also provides short descriptions of the dishes/drinks and their preparation process. Those that indicate the presence of potential food allergens and suggest which wines go best with the various dishes are even better. Providing this information helps waiting staff save lots of time and energy as they are no longer required to describe the restaurant’s dishes to foreign diners. Landoor is able to call upon professional translators that specialise in the translation of menus for eateries of all kinds (also in the forms of dedicated applications for tablets and other electronic devices):

  • Farm restaurants
  • Motorway restaurants
  • Bars and cafes
  • Wine bars
  • Fast food restaurants
  • Taverns
  • Sandwich shops
  • Pizzerias
  • Pubs
  • All types of restaurants
  • Self-service restaurants
  • Banqueting services
  • Catering services
  • Tea rooms
  • Restaurant cars

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