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German is one of the languages with the highest volume of localized content. With nearly 83 million speakers in Germany alone, plus Austria and Switzerland, German is the most widely spoken language in the European Union and is therefore also its largest market. Germany is Italy’s leading trade partner for both exports and imports. This close interdependence is driven by the two countries’ geographical proximity and the average German consumer’s appreciation of made-in-Italy ingenuity, as Italians are drawn to made-in-Germany reliability/quality. Investment flows in both directions are substantial, with each country holding interests in or controlling thousands of businesses in the other. Germany also sends the largest share of foreign tourists to Italy and there are many excellent cultural and academic exchanges between the two countries. In a context as favorable for Italian businesses and institutions as this, it is fundamental to be able to count on accurate and reliable communications that overcome the obvious language barriers separating a Romance language from a Germanic one, increasingly strengthening business between these two countries. Landoor relies on the best German mother-tongue linguists for translation, localization and interpreting services in a vast array of technical and scientific fields. The most frequently requested sectors are:

Our translators involved in localization projects are fully aware of how the German market’s digitalization and globalization processes are causing the language to evolve. German borrows liberally from English, sometimes adapting English words. The most successful marketing texts are often very colloquial and packed with English-inspired expressions. In certain localization projects this is the best approach, but there is no rule set in stone. Wording and tone need to be crafted with mastery, depending on the specific case, the audience and context. With years of experience in the language and in a variety of sectors, Landoor offers its interpreting service clients (requesting conference, liaison or telephone interpreting) the sense of security that comes with knowing they are in good hands.

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