Translations for Contract Research Organisations: supporting scientific research

To ensure that the precious work carried out by Contract Research Organisations to support the world of pharmaceuticals and biotechnologies becomes a cornerstone of scientific research and the development of society, it is important to correctly communicate their research results at a global level. This communication can take place with the assistance of Landoor, which guarantees not only the translation of documents but also their localisation in various languages, helping to contextualise messages based on local specificities and in line with government requirements. In such a broad sector, with activities ranging from research and development to data management, from statistical and clinical trial management analysis through to regulatory activities and drug safety, Landoor understands the importance of using translators and localisers that have in-depth industry-specific knowledge and keep constantly up to date with the latest developments, as well as consultants and specialists with actual experience in the field (e.g. monitors). As such, whether the client requires the translation or localisation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), science articles or specialist magazine publications, clinical trials, statistical studies or essays, the high-quality communication of scientific knowledge is guaranteed by the expertise of Landoor’s work team.

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