Translations for legal practices

Landoor is a leading language partner of Italian and international law firms for translations to and from English and the most widely used languages. Thanks to our pool of legal translators we are able to provide expert translations of a whole range of public and private law documents. In addition to the accurate translation of documents, on request we are also able to provide sworn translation, legalisation, consularisation and apostillation services.

How do we guarantee the quality of our legal translations?

As well as clearly and unambiguously conveying the messages of the source text, legal translations often also have to be adapted to the legal system of the target country. This requires the involvement of particularly expert professionals: translators that are selected on the basis of their prior experience working with legal practices and revisers that are qualified to practice law or who work as legal advisors. At Landoor, where these expertise are a must, our translators have often undergone specialist training, such as a Law degree. For every client and type of text, our project managers are able to identify the most suitable linguists to provide a comprehensive, high-quality service that not only takes account of the terminological and conceptual differences between different legal systems but is also based on an in-depth knowledge of the most up-to-date regulations, directives and codes applicable in each case. All efforts are geared towards avoiding accidental violations of the law caused by the translation and contributing to the achievement of often highly important results: the freedom of a person, the success of an international deal, the regular conclusion of a divorce or the phases of a inheritance process, the positive conclusion to an international adoption application.

We are able to translate documents in all of the main language pairs, relating to all of the most important legal systems at international level, also for international legal actions, disputes and arbitration processes.

Private law translations: types of documents

 Civil law translations include texts related to filiation, inheritance, obligations, libel actions, litigation and arbitration, such as:

  • class actions
  • statements of defence
  • injunctions
  • requests and declarations of acknowledgment
  • cease and desist orders
  • counterclaims
  • motions, petitions, requests
  • requests for rulings and responses
  • arbitration awards
  • notices of service
  • appeals
  • sentences and justifications

Commercial law includes contracts and agreements between parties (often adapted each time on the basis of standard texts) for commercial, business and professional activities and, more generally, legally binding documents such as:

  • non-disclosure agreements (NDA)
  • confidentiality agreements
  • supplementary agreements
  • framework agreements
  • settlement and preliminary agreements
  • patents and trademark confirmations
  • connected contracts
  • collective national labour agreements
  • trade contracts
  • M&A contracts
  • branch office contracts
  • procurement contracts
  • collaboration contracts
  • consultancy contracts
  • sales and purchase agreements
  • distribution agreements
  • loan agreements
  • supply contracts for systems or services
  • franchise agreements
  • management/maintenance contracts
  • systems installation contracts
  • investment contracts
  • joint venture agreements
  • licensing agreements
  • lease agreements
  • sponsorship contracts
  • intellectual services contracts
  • intellectual property agreements
  • service contracts
  • contracts for system design
  • sales contracts
  • miscellaneous agreements
  • documents for credit collection abroad
  • patent and trademark registration applications
  • mandates
  • shareholders’ agreements
  • service level agreements (SLA)
  • transcriptions of hearings

In the same area we can also translate documents like letters of intent, preliminary purchase agreements, agreements, offers, invitations to tender, specifications, general purchase and sale conditions, legal opinions, indications of procedures. As suggested by many of the items indicated in the above list, we also translate all types of labour law contracts.

Public law translations: most-requested documents

The types of procedural law (civil and criminal) documents most frequently entrusted to our expert legal translators include:

  • summons
  • judicial acts
  • trial documents
  • appeal documents
  • decrees
  • complaints
  • depositions
  • transcripts of judgments made in absentia
  • injunctions
  • amicus briefs/statements of defence
  • decrees
  • seizures
  • powers of attorney
  • appeals
  • appeals to court of cassation
  • sentences

For obvious reasons legal practices cannot disregard the importance of accurately translating public and private international law and community law acts and documents, and here too Landoor is able to provide high-quality support, particularly in the area of resolving international disputes.

Legal interpreting services

As well as the translation of written texts, we also provide our clients with a pool of expert language professionals to guarantee excellent interpreting services for hearings, negotiations, depositions, international arbitration and other legal requirements in which high-quality and strictly confidential linguistic mediation is needed.

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