Translations for the luxury sector

The most important advertising and PR agencies, specialist press offices, leading made-in-Italy companies and the most prestigious publications know they can count on Landoor as a first-class supplier of qualified translation services for the luxury goods sector. The luxury sector is made up of companies that produce and distribute “superior” goods and services, recognisable as such for their style, elevated cost and limited availability: high-end clothing, footwear and accessories, watches, jewellery, cosmetics and perfumes, furniture, luxury vehicles and boats, exclusive hotels and resorts. The focus on the luxury market continues to grow at a constant rate. This is true at both commercial level, mainly as a result of globalisation, and financial level, with investments in this sector representing a safe haven from the turbulence of the markets. Because of their extremely high-profile clientele, a target that seeks sensory gratification and the social approval that comes from prioritising prestigious products, companies in the luxury and lifestyle sector have to focus much more closely on their image than businesses in other industries. This is also true from a linguistic perspective, where luxury companies must be able to meet the expectations of an exacting and sophisticated target, and this is where Landoor comes in with its services to support brands. Our work team specialising in the luxury sector knows how to operate in the continuously evolving communications field, in which messages are becoming increasingly emotional, interactive and multimedia in nature, and also has a firm grasp of new technologies. Landoor’s creative translations are backed up by the painstaking accuracy of its mother tongue translators who make expert use of specialist terminology and ensure the style of the document is in keeping with the corporate identity. Thanks to the use of terminology databases and specific guidelines for every brand, the client is also guaranteed fast turnaround times and maximum stylistic-lexical consistency. Landoor focuses specific attention on the luxury sector events and showroom presentations of its clients, conscious of the fact that the communications relating to such initiatives are complex and must succeed – in a fairly limited amount of time – in attracting and raising the awareness of influencers and VIPs, buyers, the mass media and the social media. For luxury sector events Landoor provides 360° services including interpreting and the translation of the documentation used during the events. Landoor provides the luxury sector with services for the translation and localisation of:

  • Mobile applications for smartphones and tablets;
  • Blogs;
  • Brochures and leaflets;
  • Advertising campaigns (also with multilingual transcreation and copywriting);
  • Catalogues;
  • Press releases;
  • Multimedia content;
  • Contracts;
  • E-commerce;
  • Lookbooks;
  • Promotional materials (brochures, leaflets);
  • Company social media pages (on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter);
  • Press kits;
  • Advertorials;
  • Press reviews;
  • Magazines;
  • Product sheets;
  • Corporate websites and portals (for SEO);
  • TV commercials;
  • Editorial texts;
  • Presentations, programmes, invitations, fliers, totems.

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