In the era of big data and artificial intelligence, providing translation services increasingly means being able to efficiently manage the advanced digital technologies now available in the industry, while also customizing existing packages or developing innovative proprietary systems tailored to each client’s needs. In addition to enhancing the irreplaceable human resources on which Landoor has based its reputation, the agency has always been at the forefront of technological advancement with its Research and Development division to optimize the technological tools with which it equips its team and clients. Landoor is a firm believer in the importance of using software and automated processes to increase productivity. At the same time, it is increasingly committed to continuous research and development to identify tools that improve the quality of its services. While today’s market offers a wide variety of technological solutions, there are just as many pitfalls that can weaken and diminish the quality of the finished product. With our decades of expertise, we have developed a workflow based on the combination and synergy of various tools, cutting costs and time without ever compromising translation quality. Our language technology tools cover all steps of the process, from project management to language and translation, synchronized updates of multilingual websites, data analysis for SEO and data security. Below is a quick overview with links to details on each item.

Door24: Landoor’s management platform

Door24 is Landoor’s proprietary software for the smooth, rapid, traceable and efficient management of translation projects every step of the way. This translation management system (TMS) is a flexible, user-friendly, interactive and collaborative platform (accessible to clients, project managers and freelancers) available 24/7/365. Door24 also enables vendor managers and quality managers to handle the complete selection, classification and ongoing assessment process for translators, editors, proofreaders, DTP professionals, curators and any other resource involved in the provision of the service.

CAT tools

Every day, Landoor uses the most recent CAT technologies so its translators (who already have expertise in the relevant field or sector) may use translation memories (TM), termbases and quality control tools. In this way we optimize productivity and reduce costs by reusing (100% or with slight adjustments) all the text that is identical to previously translated texts (which the client has often reviewed). Moreover, in the translation of new text, we ensure absolute precision and perfect consistency with the company’s terms, for a final product that comes as close as possible to being 100% error-free. With its translation tools, once a partnership with a client is established, Landoor is the ideal partner for long-term projects and updates of texts for existing products or new releases.

Translation technologies: Machine translation

Landoor has adopted neural machine translation and uses this technology upon request for clients with large volumes of content to translate exclusively for exploratory purposes and internal use (not for publication or distribution), in full compliance with data protection regulations. This machine translation software is trained and customized for the client’s product sector and linguistic preferences.

SEO-oriented website localization technologies

To translate clients’ websites, Landoor uses a series of sophisticated tools for website wordcounts (distinguishing between unique phrases and those that repeat), SEO analyses comparing the client’s web pages and those of its competitors with higher search engine rankings and the identification of the keywords necessary to optimize the translated texts and make them easier to index for search engines. Once the translation and localization is complete, Landoor assists clients in the automated coordination of subsequent updates to their websites in the various languages.

E-learning platform localization technologies

Our e-learning platform localization services for professional or academic courses cover the most commonly used file formats and major authoring tools to meet the highest quality standards in terms of not only content, but also digital technology and functions.


Landoor uses certified Tier IV data centers to offer its clients secure file hosting using virtual services and state-of-the-art technology. With these services and technologies, Landoor offers clients a guarantee of maximum data security and complete compliance with the GDPR, as well as service continuity, which is indispensable for a seamless, streamlined service.

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