Door24: Landoor’s management platform for workflow optimization

To manage increasingly complex projects, our R&D team has developed Door24, a cloud-based management platform that gives clients and our project managers complete control over all stages of the workflow – from the client’s request to final delivery of the translation and invoicing. Unlike third party software, Door24 reflects all the internal procedures that have been in place at Landoor for years and optimizes them, automating them where possible. At our translation agency, completed projects are the result of collaboration between many different professionals: project managers, translators, editors, proofreaders and desktop publishers working in constant synergy for the best results. Door24 facilitates and streamlines the coordination of these resources and the management of complexities to guarantee efficient, impeccable service.

Door24: features

Door24 is Landoor’s customizable, interactive workflow management platform. Highly automated, with advanced process optimization and a user-friendly interface, it is online 24/7/365 and available to every member of the translation team working on the cloud, shortening the time to project completion. The platform has advanced features for the management of any format, code and language and the localization of software, websites and CAD drawings.

Door24: a platform serving clients

Clients create their own account on Door24 and access a special area where all projects previously or currently assigned to Landoor are uploaded. On their own and in no time at all, clients may:

  • Request a quote for a translation or interpreting service or send an order directly;
  • Upload the documents to be translated;
  • Get a bird’s eye view of the projects in progress;
  • View a summary of quotes, orders and invoices of previous projects.

To access the service for the first time, clients register on, entering their e-mail, choosing a password and giving their consent for the processing of their data.

Door24: vetting of professionals with the Landoor quality seal

Door24 offers vendor managers highly effective and continuous profiling of professionals, a function that accurately tracks their academic training, areas of expertise, technological equipment, availability and other specific information. The platform also includes a sophisticated system for the continuous rating of human resources according two types of criteria:

  • General criteria (personal characteristics);
  • Specialization (expertise gained in their specific fields and the types of documents they have translated).

Professionals must achieve a certain score before they may be classified as qualified for the tasks corresponding to their profile. The vendor manager’s assessment reflects the quality control systems in accordance with ISO 9001, 17100 (specific standard for translations) and 10574 (specific standard for interpreting). This makes it possible to manage the entire workflow with the professionals best suited to each project, thereby optimizing the production cycle. With Door24, enhanced management of resources, combined with the streamlining of procedures, significantly boosts efficiency, with a reduction in management errors and a substantial improvement in quality, so we can provide clients with rapid, flawless translation services.

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