Translations for organisations and institutions

Landoor makes its expertise and resources (translation, editing and project manager teams) available to organisations and institutions for all types of language services: translation, localisation, revision of texts, linguistic mediation, remote interpreting (via both video and telephone) and traditional interpreting (simultaneous, consecutive, chuchotage, respeaking). Whether public or government bodies, universities, research institutes or the voluntary sector, in a world increasingly characterised by globalisation and international trade it is of crucial importance to clearly communicate your key messages and operate proficiently across all available channels. Investing in efficient communications optimises your efforts and investments and, most importantly, helps produce the right results. For more information:

Translations of university texts

Landoor provides services for the translation of teaching materials, lecturer publications and admin-legal documents for universities, as well as the English language version of university websites.

Translations for public entities

Landoor provides 360° translation and interpreting services for the public sector in the legal area and for issues relating to immigration, education, healthcare and tax with high-quality professional language solutions that fully meet the needs of individual organisations, including their budget requirements.

Translations for research institutes

Thanks to its network of specialist mother tongue translators, Landoor is able to offer extremely high standards of linguistic correctness and appropriateness in all research areas with services that range from conference interpreting to the translation of documents on the activities of researchers and admin-legal aspects.

Translations for the voluntary sector

Landoor makes its expertise available to the voluntary sector for its civic, charitable and socially useful activities. It supplies high-quality translation and localisation services for all kinds of documents and interpreters for events and conferences.

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