Translations for the nutrition and wellness sector

The nutrition and wellness product segment is an important part of the food sector. Because of the public’s increasing awareness of the importance of prioritising a healthy and balanced diet, it is a continuously expanding market. There are numerous advantages to adopting healthy lifestyle:

  • Prevention of the most common illnesses (cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes, autoimmune illnesses, allergies and intolerances);
  • Physical and mental wellbeing;
  • A high quality of life until an advanced age.

More than ever, food is therefore regarded as an optimum compromise between pleasure and healthiness. For companies in the sector, the expansion of their businesses and the promotion of their products on the global market is only possible if their information material and the texts that accompany their products are accurately localised. We talk about localisation because it is often necessary to supplement translation activities with the accurate contextualisation of the content to reflect the idiosyncrasies of local markets. For example, in the case of a technical or sales brochure it will be necessary to localise the most technical sections by accurately adjusting them to the customs of the target country (units of measurement, nutrition facts, instructions, warnings etc., which must be expressed using standard formulas) and, at the same time, to creatively rewrite the presentation texts in order to maximise the product’s appeal to consumers. Landoor is the ideal partner for translation and localisation services in all phases of the production and commercial process. Its translators, revisers and transcreators are available to translate:

  • Brochures, fliers, leaflets and other promotional materials;
  • Marketing campaigns;
  • Documents for regulatory offices;
  • E-books;
  • E-commerce;
  • Labels and packaging;
  • Multilingual websites.

The nutrition and wellness sector companies with which we work are producers and distributors of goods and services like:

  • Organic foods;
  • Dietary foods;
  • Functional foods;
  • Foods for sufferers of coeliac disease and other food allergies/intolerances;
  • Diet and weight loss consultancy;
  • Nutritional supplements;
  • Dietary and weight loss supplements;
  • Nutraceuticals.

For book and magazine publishers and web publishers we can provide accurate translations of:

  • Recipe books (healthy cooking, low-fat, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free)
  • Books and articles on food science

  Description: Landoor provides companies in the nutrition and wellness sector with services for the translation and localisation of promotional material, packaging and websites and online stores.  

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