Legal translations

Landoor offers legal translations to advisers and law firms, notaries, small, medium and large companies in all business sectors, foundations, academic institutions, publishing houses and, in general, all public and private companies operating exclusively or even only marginally in the legal fields.

We translate all kinds of legal texts, whether they are executive (laws, sentences and decrees) or informative (law books), from and into the most important languages in the world. Over time, we have gained the trust of leading lawyers, notaries, accountants and the legal departments of many companies in the business sectors in which we specialize (pharma, medical, scientific, technical, fashion, food and beverage, tourism, digital and multimedia, leisure, etc.). Over decades, we have gained the kind of experience that makes us the ideal partner for the legal affairs departments of public and private entities, national and international organizations and, generally, for anyone who needs a completely reliable legal translation.

Legal translation for business opportunities beyond language obstacles

As companies expand ever more frequently beyond national borders and globalization continues at a relentless pace, the need to manage legal interests with foreign companies is increasingly urgent. At the same time, in-house legal departments face a vast series of localization difficulties and cannot always overcome them on their own. When a company operates internationally, its partners’ legal documents are translated into a foreign language and may also require fine-tuning to reflect the target country’s legal structures, which can be profoundly different from those in the source country. The most obvious example is the system of common law in English-speaking countries (e.g., Great Britain, the US and Canada), which is very different from the civil law system deriving from Roman law that currently dominates most of the world, including Italy. Moreover, in countries with similar legislative systems (e.g., France and Italy or Spain and Italy) specific legal concepts or structures expressed in a similar way may appear to be the same, when in reality they are different, each presenting its own specific legal connotations.

In these cases, the lengthy experience of professional translators specialized in legal translations helps them decode/interpret the source and, when there are differences or even when there are no specific legislative references, find an equivalent that conveys the same meaning as the source, expressed with the appropriate, unambiguous expressions.

The skills of our legal translators

Translating legal texts is extremely delicate and requires sophisticated knowledge of case law and legal doctrine. We are ISO 9001 and 17100 certified and vet our professionals according to the same quality standards. Not only do they have extensive knowledge of both the source and target languages, but they also have invaluable legal expertise – and are often specialized in specific micro-segments. Bearing in mind that even the smallest error in a legal text could have regretful repercussions, such as complex, costly steps to correct the text or remedy the unexpected outcome of procedures.

Only with adequate specialized training and substantial prior experience can the legal professionals who collaborate with Landoor attain a complete understanding of comparative law in a given language combination, conduct in-depth analyses of texts and the legal relationships that arise in the different circumstances and made well-reasoned, coherent choices in their translation. Our translators combine this mastery with a consummate knowledge of the conventions of form and terms used in legal documents: typical technical terms (i.e., extremely precise, unambiguous expressions) and collateral technical expressions (all those that make a text adequate in terms of style, lexicon and syntax – such as, in Italian, nominalization, dropping the subject from sentences, textual cohesiveness, using anaphora or cataphora, absolute constructions, enclitic forms and abridging, etc.).

Sworn translations

A legal translation is not the same as a sworn translation, just as a “legal translator” is not the same as a “sworn translator”. The translation of legal documents does not include the subsequent steps for “sworn translations”, a process that, although it begins with the legal text transposed into the target language, entails the validation of such document for use in the target country.

Asseveration, legalization, consulate certification and apostilles with notaries, courts, consulates or embassies are administrative services that Landoor offers its clients, upon request, to validate a legal translation in the target country, e.g., when an invitation to tender requires the presentation of documents by foreign contractors with an Italian authority or vice versa.

Types of legal documents translated by Landoor

The generic documents we most frequently translate include certificates, contracts, proxies and minutes/reports.

For legal professionals, our translation services cover the most important sectors of public law (administrative, criminal, court and international law) and private law (civil, commercial, industrial and labor law).


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Translations for law firms

Landoor provides precise legal translations for international law firms active in commercial law (contracts and agreements between parties), labor law and procedural law (civil and criminal).

Translations for notaries

Our linguists translate for the top notary firms, consistently transposing terms and concepts in documents like deeds, contracts and by-laws, even when they refer to different legal systems.

Translations for the legal departments of companies

Landoor assists clients across a wide spectrum of business sectors with the translation of legal documents for their legal departments (specifically contracts and patents), entrusting the work to professionals with excellent language skills and specialized legal expertise, who can always count on the support of legal advisers.

Translations for academic institutions

Landoor translates administrative and legal documents for universities and academic institutions.

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