Landoor’s services

Landoor offers its clients a range of complete, integrated services covering the entire translation/localization workflow from conception to the finished product. Our company is well structured and operates with utmost efficiency and flexibility, ensuring the absolute highest service quality in every stage of the work. A team of in-house professionals continuously coordinates and collaborates on projects that are assigned to specialized work groups often based in the countries where the target languages are spoken. In each and every stage of the work, we use constantly up-to-date sophisticated language technologies that cut production time and pave the way for ever higher quality.


Landoor is the go-to language partner for businesses and institutions operating on global markets with a team of premier mother-tongue translators and editors who translate to and from all the most widely spoken languages in the world. Human capital, cutting-edge technologies and a tried and tested workflow are the winning combination for excellent, certified specialized translation services in all major sectors.


With its localization service, Landoor makes it possible to use websites, online stores, software, apps, videos, webinars and other multimedia content seamlessly on foreign markets, retaining the appeal and technical aspects of the source products. Our localization services are complete, because they cover not only the language but also the culture and function of the products, including adjustments to the code and SEO in the target language.


Landoor is well known among events organizers and companies as a trusted partner for interpreting services. For meetings, conferences and symposia in all the most widely spoken languages in the world, we provide a team of mother-tongue professionals with a track record in their fields of expertise, offering, as needed, simultaneous, consecutive, chuchotage, respeaking and liaison interpreting services.


Copywriting and transcreation are another service at which Landoor excels. We use highly talented communication experts, transcreators and copyeditors to create original copy or rework source content that needs to be adapted to the cultural and linguistic specificities of the target markets for advertising campaigns, brochures, institutional books and other marketing and commercial copy.

Editorial services

Our in-house Editing division, working alongside the Translation division, is the trusted partner of publishers and the marketing departments of companies in myriad business sectors. Landoor’s clients receive a complete service, in which translation/localization is only the first step in a process that continues with editing, graphics and formatting, proofreading and curation for any type of document (print or digital).

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