Translations for marketing

With decades of experience as the trusted partner of researchers and universities, pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers of electromedical devices, Landoor’s Life Sciences division delivers world-class copywriting and translating for the marketing of all types of medical science products and services. For example, we create copy for brochures, articles and blog advertorials, social media posts, newsletters, videos and any other type of multimedia material based on original or translated content. Our copywriters work with the awareness that there are certain important principles to uphold in a masterful balance of business objectives and scientific rigor:

  • Identifying and writing content to craft the “commercial” message to be conveyed;
  • Restyling with the creation of a captivating message that remains sufficiently scientific;
  • Possible use of synonyms, rewording and new syntax, always with a focus on clarity;
  • Respect for the choices of specialized editors, but with interactive features to optimize user appeal;
  • Extreme prudence when making choices regarding scientific content;
  • Word choices that reflect the brand’s distinctive language or corporate image.

When writing scientific marketing copy based on source material in a foreign language, Landoor’s teams, coordinated by specialized project managers, follow a precise, complex workflow, which – in its most complete form – can be summarized as follows:

  • Translation in the target language by mother-tongue professionals specialized in medical science marketing;
  • Bilingual revision or peer revision according to the dictates of the UNI EN ISO 17100 quality standard (a check performed by an editor with the same qualifications as a translator to verify that the translated content is correct by comparing the source and target texts);
  • Scientific revision (to be precise, specialized SME single-language revision) by a pool of specialists at premier scientific institutes with which Landoor has special partnerships. The aim of this post-translation revision process is to check the adequacy of the content and tone considering the purpose and scope of use;
  • Copyediting, i.e., the linguistic/stylistic revision of the copy, giving it a commercial/advertising slant. Specialized editors handle this step, with a comprehensive understanding of the target culture and market and the ability to respect the style, emotional intent and context of the original message;
  • Review by experts within the client company;
  • Formatting using InDesign software or other formats;
  • Proofreading (in several rounds) to check the formatted text in a .pdf file and correct any typographical errors and optimize its appearance, with a final check.

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