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Definitions Professional (also known as Owner or Manager of the Service): the party, in this case Landoor, which manages the online service from both an administrative and – also via third parties – technology perspective, and also in terms of content, etc.; Service or site: the website; Linked service (or site): a site, application or service which is promoted or illustrated at and connected with the Landoor Group; Third-party service or site: a website (or app) different from and not connected with the Landoor Group. Landoor Group: the sites, applications and general services managed by Landoor s.r.l. which users can access via User: the party that browses the website.     The following legal text was drafted by the legal practice Avv. Federico Vincenzi, of the Court of Brescia, and licensed to Landoor s.r.l. exclusively for publication on the website The copying, modification, updating or sending of the text to parties other than users, or its replication on websites or apps including those belonging to licensee Landoor, is strictly prohibited.

1. Premises

General is a recently launched service that is still being fine-tuned. Users are therefore requested to send all suggestions, criticisms or complaints to The service does not guarantee a rapid response but will take account of all observations by users as part of a relationship based on mutual collaboration.

As the only form of user interaction allowed by this service is the sending of an email by the user to Landoor (also via the contacts form), the user’s consent to the Terms and Conditions related to browsing the website is taken as implicit. For the sending of emails, also through the contacts form, users are however requested to explicitly approve them.

The user confirms that they have the right and the capacity to understand this document and that they are able to respect all of the terms and conditions herein, as well as all of the aforementioned texts, and also guarantees that they are not violating any law or regulation in force in their country of residence, also when using the service. The user is responsible for complying with all applicable laws and regulations in their country of residence, including those pertaining to the use or provision of the service. The user is responsible for keeping informed of all applicable laws and regulations in their country of residence, including those pertaining to the use or establishment of the service. Before using the service or providing consent of any kind, the user is invited to send a request for further information to the following email address if any parts of the above content are not clear:

1. Language and Formats

  The official language of the service is Italian. The service can also be viewed in English. The English texts are translations of the original texts. As such, all content must be interpreted taking account of the semantic and legal significance that the words have in Italian. Any communications that the user wishes to send to must be written in either Italian or English; answers will be provided in the same language. Likewise, customer care is provided in either Italian or English. Users that intend to write to the service should therefore do so in Italian or English; they will receive their answer in the corresponding language. Please be aware that all requests for further information on this text or other legal texts will only be answered in Italian.

2. Regulation of Content and Service

This service is regulated by the following texts:   Browsing terms and conditions: these regulate the user’s browsing experience of the service (but not connected services). They therefore constitute the rules, rights, duties, obligations, responsibilities and powers of the parties (meaning the Professional that manages the web service on one hand and the Users that use it on the other) with regard to the browsing experience. For example: registration, browsing license, copyright and rules for browsing the site are regulated by this text.   Notice on the processing of personal data: contains all of the information required by law (and other information deemed appropriate by the Professional) regarding the personal data of the user or third parties. For example, it explains who decides how to process and protect it, and what they do with it, as well as user rights regarding the data.   Notice on cookies: in the event of tracing via the installation of cookies on the user’s device or browser, the type and functions of these cookies are indicated together with information on how they are used and the parties that install, use, issue or receive cookies and related information.

3. Duration and Variations of Legal Texts

The above texts are written taking account of the state of the art, the law, and the state, characteristics, functions and economic capabilities of the service. It is therefore highly likely that over time changes to one of these factors may make it necessary or simply advisable to modify the texts. In fact, it is not possible to guarantee that the texts (and the service) will always remain the same as they are always subject to improvement. For this reason the manager of the service reserves the right to change the terms and conditions and related texts, and the user acknowledges this right. Prior notice will be given of any changes with an indication of new clauses and of clauses that have been eliminated or amended via a communication on If the user continues to use the service despite the notice, this will be interpreted as tacit acceptance of the modification. The user will only be asked to explicitly accept the terms again if, in the opinion of the Manager (Professional), the modifications significantly alter the Service-User relationship. In any case, the periods of validity of the individual terms and conditions and other regulations are documented at the following link:

4. THE PROFESSIONAL The service is owned by:

Landoor S.r.l., sole proprietorship, via Copernico 38, 20125 Milan; VAT and Tax Code 10009800961; REA no. MI2127820; Paid-up capital in last financial statement: €10,000 (ten thousand); Tel: +39 0292858400 Email: Certified email:   Landoor s.r.l. is a multilingual communication company that provides various types of services, from specialist translations to interpreting, from copywriting to localisation. It also makes use of a third-party (or linked) service in addition to this website (, to which users can be directed by This service currently manages the personal profiles of collaborators. There are plans for other functions to be included in this linked service in the future, such as the management of projects through a direct interface with clients.

Contractors appointed by the Professional:

For the technological design and technical maintenance of the service, the Professional has appointed the following company: Palmabit Srl Via Oscar Romero 5 25018, Montichiari (BS) Email:

Location of service management:

The service is managed in Milan, Italy, where the company’s headquarters and administrative offices are based. The service is also managed in the corresponding offices in the UK (255 Royal College Street, London NW1 9LU, +44 203 529 3685), Germany (Pariser Platz 6, 10117 Berlin, +49 30 300 149 3078) and France (110 Esplanade du Général de Gaulle, La Défense, 92931 Courbevoie, Paris, +33 (0)1 74 18 01 96). The service hosts data in servers located in Italy (managed by Sinapto –

5. Contact Methods

Users are not required to register with the service. They can write to by using the links to the Landoor email address present on the homepage and contacts page (in this case the user will be directed to their own email account), or by using the form to mail on the contacts page. The use of this latter tool, conditional on reading and accepting the Terms and Conditions and consenting to the processing of personal data as outlined in relative privacy notice (, enables the user to send a first email to Landoor via the service.

6. Service Description and Price

What it is: is an information portal which indicates, with specific descriptions, the activities and services performed by the company of the same name. The individual services currently available can be accessed via applications or third-party websites in addition to (sites that belong to the Landoor Group, hereinafter called linked sites). Compared with these third-party sites, limits itself to providing information and redirecting the user (or collaborator) via special links. The de facto service will then be provided by the linked website or application according to rules and policies distinct from those of The service also makes it possible to send emails to using the methods outlined in point 5. We recommend reading the specific information on the rules for sending emails to   Landoor could contain links to other sites, resources and purchasing opportunities belonging to third parties, published on the Service purely for information purposes. By clicking on these links the user could be redirected to third-party services regulated by distinct terms and conditions and privacy notices that are different from those of Landoor. The publication of links to third-party sites does not imply Landoor’s approval of the content, sites or resources of said third parties. Landoor informs all of its users that it has no control over the content of third-party sites or resources and that it accepts no responsibility for the same or for the compliance of these sites with applicable laws and regulations. Landoor therefore invites users to check the advisories and terms and conditions that regulate such third-party services. Please note that browsing such services (sites, apps or similar) belonging to third parties establishes an exclusive third-party relationship between these and the user.   The service has a social page on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Browsing on these pages is regulated by the terms and conditions of the respective social media. By clicking on the relative link, the user will be directed to the corresponding social media page. Landoor invites users to read the relevant pages to discover which data is processed, how, and for how long.


The information and redirection service is targeted at both consumers and professionals (b2c and b2b) However, the form to mail function may be used by anyone, including consumers or in any case natural persons. The service can be used by anyone, regardless of their citizenship or spoken language. Although its official language is Italian, in order to improve service usability it will be possible to choose from the English, French and German versions when they become available. With the sole exception of legal enquiries, in which answers will be only provided in Italian, the Professional will only respond to users in Italian or English.


The redirection and information services available for consultation at are free. Additional services, requested via communications sent by email to, are not free of charge. If services other than the mere supply of information on linked services are requested via an email sent to, the recipient will indicate the cost and procedure for supplying said services.   The service may disseminate advertising content through fingerprinting (see the notice on cookies).

7. Code of Conduct and Consequences

As the only form of interaction between the user and the professional permitted by the website is the sending of emails, it is forbidden to use this way of communication to:

  • send offensive or threatening messages, or messages that incite racism, fanaticism, hate or violence;
  • send messages containing pornographic images or child pornography;
  • send messages containing violent or excessive language;
  • send messages that promote illegal activities;
  • send messages that contain downloaded software or “pirate” materials, or links to sites that provide such services (or in any case materials that violate copyright laws in any way);
  • send messages that spread computer viruses or similar;
  • send messages that in some way trigger the sending of unwanted mail or spam;
  • send messages with heavy attachments (no more than 20 MB);
  • send repeated messages with the aim of harassing or disturbing the Professional;
  • send messages from addresses which are not used frequently or do not belong to the sender;
  • send messages containing false names, surnames or businesses;
  • send messages with content protected by third-party copyright for reasons other than strictly personal use (e.g. asking for a translation of Harry Potter in order to market in languages in which it hasn’t yet been published);
  • send messages concealing unauthorised commercial activities (including sales, tenders, advertising, links to other websites or pay-for telephone numbers) or activities prohibited by Italian Legislative Decree 127/1934 as amended by Directive 93/2001;

In any event, the Professional is not obliged to respond to the messages it receives. As such, in case of urgent enquiries users are advised to contact the professional by phone.   The service has a social page on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Browsing on these pages is regulated by the terms and conditions of the respective social media. Users authorised to post content on these social pages must also comply with the rules and regulations outlined in these terms and conditions, and in particular those connected with Italian Law 71/2017 on cyberbullying.

8. Personal Data

Introduction: For comprehensive information on personal data, please also refer to the privacy notices (

What is personal data?
Generally speaking, the processed data does not only consist of the name, surname and email address of users, which they provide the system directly when submitting the form. In fact, the Service, or also third parties with whom the data may be shared with the consent of the user, may process data on the behaviour of the user (messages, browsing data and cookies, etc.) in order to glean useful information from a marketing perspective (for example to send them targeted advertising or create a commercial interest profile), for the analysis of collective behaviour (e.g. statistics on various topics), and also for other purposes, such as identifying preferences or useful opinions for public authorities. Personal data is therefore all of the information regarding the user, whether explicit or gleaned from processing their actions or the content they have written.

What does data processing mean?
The legal definition of data processing is very broad and includes any operation or series of operations pertaining to the collection, recording, organisation, storage, consultation, processing, modification, selection, extraction, comparison, use, interconnection, blocking, communication, dissemination, erasing or destruction of data. Almost everything you can do with user data comes under the umbrella of processing so even collecting or consulting data, for example, is a process.

Who processes it?

User data is processed by Landoor S.r.l. (see point no. 4). As for any additional functions, Landoor may appoint third parties as processors or, more likely, as data supervisors.   For the supply of the service Landoor collaborates with third parties, and more specifically:

  • Palmabit Srl, with head office in Montichiari (BS), Via Oscar Romero 5: for the technical management of the service. They are authorised to access the system exclusively for the management of technical aspects.
  • Sinapto Srl with head office at Via Vincenzo Viviani 8, 20124 Milan: a service located in Italy for the management of hosting services (
  • Door24, linked sites: for the processing of requests submitted to Landoor which only the linked website has the specific expertise to deal with. For example, if a quote is requested for a translation the initial communication is forwarded to the relevant linked website (in this specific case Door24), which will then manage the query.


What data is processed?

First of all processes the data supplied by the user, i.e. their name, surname, email address, their company, if applicable, and the information contained in the text of their message. Before formalising their request to one of the linked services (Door24, etc.), the user is therefore recommended to pay attention to the information that is communicated via email to Landoor, including the content of any attachments.   The service also processes so-called Fingerprinting data (for cookies see the specific notice Third-party services can process other data.

How is it processed? Landoor processes data using IT systems.

Where is it processed? The data is hosted on the aforementioned services in the European Union.

How is it protected? The data processed by Landoor is protected using up-to-date electronic measures (updated at least every six months, in accordance with the law). Back-up copies of the data are also made every day as an additional protective measure. All data relating to the user is encrypted. The data will only be accessible to specifically identified and appointed parties, duly instructed as to the precautions to adopt to prevent unauthorised accesses, i.e. data leaks. These parties will be assigned unique access credentials.

Why is it processed?

The service processes data in order to reply to the emails sent via the website by users. The data is also processed for Landoor’s marketing purposes and to convey information or commercial materials connected with the linked services which form part of the range of services available on (as mentioned, these linked services are in any case provided by the Landoor Group).

9. Indemnity and Liability

Regarding costs: Connection costs are established by the user’s data plan. The user is therefore responsible for ensuring that they do not exceed the thresholds included in their data and telephone plan. shall not be held responsible for the excessive use of data by the user when using the service. Regarding user violations: Despite the express proscriptions herein described, the conduct of users may also harm other rights. does not approve such conduct nor shall it be held responsible for such conduct. The user accepts and acknowledges the risk that the services provided are incompatible with other software products they possess and use and exempts from any liability for any inconvenience caused by the incorrect functioning of same; Regarding system operation: does not guarantee the constant and correct functioning of the service. The service may be subject to periodic interruptions for various reasons (problems with the line or server deactivation, for example). In such cases shall not be held liable for any damage suffered by users or third parties as a result of service interruptions.

10. Copyright

The service contains various types of content, more specifically texts, photos and videos. In any case, the texts, graphics, interfaces, brands, logos, any sound effects and design are the exclusive property of the Professional and are therefore subject to the intellectual property rights held by same. The Professional grants the user a free non-transferrable and non-exclusive personal license for the sole purpose of enabling them to browse the Service, and anything else they may need to this end. The sole purpose of the license is to enable the user to use and access the Services as they are provided by Landoor on the website, according to the methods permitted by these Conditions. No other rights are granted to the user: in particular, the user may not use the content for commercial ends. As said content is covered by copyright, although it is technically possible to download it this does not mean it is lawful to do so. Unless authorised directly in writing by the Professional that manages the Service, the downloading, copying or duplication of the content on the Service by any means is therefore forbidden.

11. Applicable Law

The legal relationship between users and the Professional is governed by Italian law.

12. Competent Court and Arbitration Clauses

The court of Milan is the competent court for any legal dispute connected with this service. When one of the parties involved in the dispute can be defined as a consumer (i.e. a person that uses the service for purposes other than their professional activities) the place of jurisdiction is the residence or the domicile of the consumer.   The original copy of these terms and conditions is stored on the server of Sinapto S.r.l.   Terms applicable from 01/05/2018.