Automotive industry translations

Automotive refers to the branch of the manufacturing industry that deals with the design, construction, marketing and sale of motor vehicles (cars and motorbikes). It is a sector notable for its highly complex and structured infrastructure, now clearly globalised. These factors necessitate the continuous exchange of information between sites in different countries and with all types of suppliers (in the design, production, marketing, sales and assistance phases) in the most diverse of global languages. In a sector like automotive where information on the development of new models and business strategies is a key competitive factor that requires the utmost attention, Landoor guarantees its clients confidentiality and discretion but also its consummate technical-linguistic expertise in the multilingual localisation of documents. In fact, we only use mother tongue translators that specialise in the automotive sector, that boast excellent language and terminological expertise, and that are able to understand the most technical aspects of the auto&moto sector (construction and operating processes, materials and marketing). Finally, no translation is delivered to the client without first being reviewed by sector experts. For dozens of manufacturers, suppliers and businesses in the automotive sector and its connected industries (as well as advertising agencies and media centres) Landoor is the partner of choice for the translation and localisation of all types of documents:

  • Patents and patent rights;
  • Specifications;
  • Catalogues, brochures and other marketing material (including websites for SEO);
  • Certification;
  • Press releases and conference texts for international dealership networks;
  • Contracts;
  • CAD;
  • Documents for roadshows and international shows;
  • Maintenance booklets;
  • Operating, maintenance and safety manuals and technical manuals in general;
  • Regulations;
  • Warranty procedures;
  • Reports on prototypes, simulations and tests;
  • Technical sheets;
  • Websites and portals;
  • Feasibility studies (technical or financial).

For trade shows, promotional events, roadshows and business meetings Landoor provides an excellent UNI 10574 certified interpreting service comprising simultaneous interpreting (with the possible supply of fixed and mobile simultaneous interpreting equipment), consecutive interpreting, chuchotage and liaison interpreting.

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