Travel and tourism translations

By its very nature, the tourism industry has to adapt to a huge variety of different languages and cultures. The secret to the success of the leading travel and holiday industry operators is not just the impeccable quality of their services for tourists but also their ability to reach out to an international clientele with clear, compelling and effective communications. In a world in which many travellers use social media to seek information and opinions and share all of their travel experiences, it is essential for suppliers of all kinds of tourist, accommodation and catering services to receive positive reviews in online engines like TripAdvisor or on social networks like Facebook. Receiving positive evaluations that highlight the absence of frustrating language barriers will increase the likelihood of attracting other potential customers who speak that language. For all of these reasons it is essential to be able to count on an expert partner like Landoor, which for years has been translating and localising with the utmost professionalism all kinds of web, digital and printed content for some of the most important tourism industry operators on the international panorama. Thanks to its exclusive use of mother tongue translators with years of experience in the tourism sector, Landoor guarantees the supply of translations and interpreting services that are perfectly tailored to the local context and the cultural customs of the target audience.

Translations for tour operators and travel agencies

Landoor localises all kinds of tourism texts: from catalogues and travel brochures to guidebooks, websites for presenting/booking accommodation and tourist services, and through to press releases and video clips with subtitles or voiceovers.

Specialist interpreting services

Many hotel operators make their venues available for international conferences and meetings and encourage organisers to contact Landoor for the supply of specialist simultaneous or consecutive interpreting services (and also suitable systems and equipment if required). In addition to interpreting services for specialist conferences and meetings, Landoor also provides impeccable liaison interpreting services for business meetings or lunches, trade fair visits or guided tours.

Translations for hotels and restaurants

Translating for the hotel, restaurant and catering sectors and connected industries (furniture, technology, hotel suppliers, security etc.) means having an in-depth knowledge of both the subject area and the world of communications. Landoor’s Communication Department is available to work on professional translations with the best mother tongue translators in the most common language pairs to produce texts which, depending on the context, can be persuasive or technical in tone, or targeted at the industry or management.

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 Translations for tour operators and travel agencies

Landoor provides expert translation services for the tourism and travel sector with the high-quality localisation of catalogues, guidebooks and websites.

Translations for hotels

Landoor provides multilingual translation services with particular attention on SEO for the websites of hotels and other guest accommodation facilities, as well as the translation of texts for internal use aimed at foreign guests.

Translations for restaurants

In the catering sector Landoor supports its clients with the accurate localisation of their websites and the translation and adaptation of menus and wine lists.

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