Translations for the non-profit and voluntary sector

The non-profit and voluntary sector is a continuously evolving social, economic and cultural sector. The institutions that make up this sector pursue civic, charitable and socially useful objectives on a non-profit basis. This vast category includes voluntary associations, social cooperatives, social development associations, consumer and user associations, mutual aid groups, NGOs (non-governmental organisations), foundations, social enterprises, amateur sports clubs, civilly recognised religious associations (for activities of general interest). Whether it be an international organisation that also operates in Italy or an association headquartered here but also present in other countries across the world, it is essential that they pay close attention to the language they use when it comes to the following activities:

  • Communication campaigns;
  • Fundraising campaigns;
  • Volunteer/worker recruitment campaigns;
  • Awareness raising campaigns;
  • Lobbying;
  • Promotion of international cooperation projects;
  • Reports on activities.

The project managers or communications managers of many non-profit or voluntary associations or foundations traditionally use Landoor as their language service provider. Our agency is renowned for its experience, reliability and sensitivity, and for its willingness to agree on rates that take account of the budget restrictions of this sector (while guaranteeing its customary high standards of quality). We have already provided our expertise to the most diverse non-profit and voluntary organisations active in the following areas:

  • Sponsorships;
  • Free medical assistance;
  • Free social welfare;
  • Humanitarian actions;
  • Protection of minority rights;
  • Protection of minors;
  • Legal defence (network of pro bono lawyers);
  • Philanthropy;
  • Civilian service;
  • Protection of animals;
  • Protection of human rights;
  • Protection of differently-abled people;
  • Environmental protection;
  • Protection and promotion of artistic and cultural heritage;
  • Voluntary work.

And to a vast number of not-for-profit organisations which, through creative, recreational, social and charitable activities, promote the common good. The types of documents we are able to translate range from promotional texts to economic, tax and legal texts:

  • Articles and advertorials (printed and online);
  • Scholarship and postdoctoral research announcements;
  • Best practices;
  • Annual Reports;
  • Catalogues for exhibitions and events;
  • Corporate press releases;
  • Short films;
  • Leaflets and brochures;
  • Documents regulating working relationships;
  • Privacy notices;
  • History, art, literature, medicine and science monographs;
  • Press reviews;
  • Reports and video reports;
  • Magazines;
  • Websites;
  • Adverts and radio ads on the destination of the “5 per mille” income tax contribution to charity
  • Minutes of meetings;
  • Educational videos;
  • Promotional videos and trailers.

These are joined by the supply of interpreting services for cultural and awareness-raising initiatives like events, conferences and conventions, press conferences, interviews, debates, shows and concerts.

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