Specialist translation of medicine books and scientific articles

With its 20 years of experience working alongside leading international medical and scientific publishing houses and the addition of figures from this industry to its own staff, Landoor has created a genuine science editorial board within its Life Sciences department. This is why the translation of medicine books on specific and multiple topics and the localisation of medical-scientific publications for specialist magazines or for communication and information purposes are universally recognised as being among Landoor’s flagship services. Among the essential requisites to work alongside scientific publishing houses, Landoor’s specialist expertise, faithfulness to original content and terminological precision are undoubtedly its most appreciated qualities. Just as important is its ability to manage large volumes of text with very quick turnaround times, adopting a scrupulous and all-inclusive methodological approach which only years of experience in close contact with high-profile scientific editorial teams can guarantee. As well as the translation of documents by linguists that specialise in medical and scientific translations, the work cycle implemented by Landoor’s medical-scientific team also involves the subsequent editing, proofreading, desktop publishing and scientific review steps. In some cases, the publishing house appoints Landoor to oversee the editing of the book, which involves managing the editors selected by Landoor itself or the publisher. The cycle can be extended to include the localisation of drug names and bibliographical references in accordance with the standards and conventions of the target countries by collaborators registered with the EMWA (European Medical Writers Association). This activity goes beyond the straightforward translation service and falls into the area of medical writing. And it is the Landoor medical writers to which doctors and researchers turn to propose their scientific articles to prestigious publishing houses, safe in the knowledge that the editorial conventions required for their publication will be met. To support these critical and complex activities, Landoor has developed a structured programme for the recruitment, training and continuous evaluation of its resources, documented and constantly updated in the internal procedures compliant with the ISO 9001 and 17100 standards, for which Landoor is certified. As well as the unique human capital that sets Landoor apart, a key role is played by the wide range of technology tools that its Life Sciences department is able to call on. Use of the most advanced Language Technology tools, from Translation Memories to Termbases, which are updated and shared in real time by the teams of translators working on the translation platform (SDL Groupshare), supported by advanced Quality Check tools and style guides created for specific clients or publications, ensures perfect terminological and stylistic consistency as well as the efficient use of previous translations, already validated by the publisher or editor. Work cycle optimised management via Door24, a platform developed by the Landoor R&D department and accessible to clients, Project Managers and collaborators, is the icing on the cake, ensuring the process is fluid, traceable and effective. Landoor’s technology instruments include advanced tools for the translation and localisation of science apps for iOS and Android, e-learning courses, websites, e-books and multimedia content, thanks to which Landoor is recognised as a reliable and competent manager of complex digital publishing projects. The types of texts translated and localised by Landoor for publishing houses include, first and foremost, books in all areas of medical specialisation, including orthodontics and veterinary science, and in psychology and sociology, whether these are targeted at health workers, universities or patients. Our translation activity extends to publications in specialist magazines, conference proceedings and workshops, information and communication booklets, and communications in the media, on websites and blogs.

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Translation of psychology and sociology articles

Of all the numerous human sciences, psychology and sociology are among the most complex in terms of interpretation and communication. The translation of psychology and sociology articles is therefore highly challenging and delicate, and Landoor is well aware of the requisites that translators specialising in these disciplines need to possess. When dealing with topics like psychological assessment and diagnosis, adolescent behaviour or economic and social change, linguistic and stylistic expertise are not enough: in-depth knowledge of specific dimensions of the socio-psychological disciplines is required, possibly supported by experience in the field. In order to carry out a scientific translation in the field of psychology or sociology that correctly interprets the most complex content and adopts an appropriate register according to the content and end use, the translator must:

  • Have studied the schools of thought and theoretical movements that have shaped the history of psychology and sociology
  • Stay constantly up-to-date on the most recent techniques, practices and approaches by reading specialist psychology and sociology publications
  • Understand and be fluent in clinical language, particularly in the area of psychology, thanks to experience in the clinical or professional field.

As well as these requirements, in order to translate scientific psychology and sociology articles with the appropriate linguistic register and help ensure a correct dissemination of the information to be communicated, it is also essential to understand the end use of the document.

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