Translations for the biosecurity sector

With its expertise and specialist translators in this highly diverse sector, Landoor is the partner of choice for research institutes, government bodies and the world of healthcare. Although the biosecurity sector is very broad, the term biosecurity usually refers to the set of measures taken to prevent the biological risks associated with food, farming, animal husbandry, silviculture and aquaculture. Biosecurity is frequently threatened and large-scale epidemics can quickly break out with the development of major hazards associated, for example, with the improper use (involuntary or intentional) of biological or toxic agents. That said, research has also taken giant leaps forward in protecting the future of humanity and the planet: risk assessment and management is above all the remit of scientific research centres (public or private), government bodies (civil or military), testing laboratories and hospitals. They are tasked with establishing suitable practices and measures to prevent bioemergencies and, at the same time, encouraging the use of science and technology for peaceful ends. Landoor can provide high-quality language services to the biosecurity sector thanks to its team of specialist translators, revisers and consultants. The former provide a translation service of the utmost precision, while our experts support them in both the localisation of documents and manuals and in their professional updating and permanent training activities. Types of biosecurity and bioprotection documents translated and localised by Landoor:

  • Guidelines
  • Manuals
  • Regulations

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