Translations for the world of healthcare

Demand for healthcare is increasing very rapidly across the world and the healthcare sector benefits more than others from new smart medical technologies. The keyword in today’s healthcare sector is e-health, a term which denotes the online digital technologies, resources and tools applied to health and safety. This area includes instruments like electronic health records (which enable family doctors, consultants, care teams and pharmacies to quickly access and communicate patient data) and telemedicine (medical and psychological treatments that can be provided remotely). Precision medicine – which combines the genetic data and medical history of large numbers of people to develop customised and more effective treatments for individuals – is also benefitting significantly from new software and digital tools. Another step forward in terms of improving the accessibility of services is the rise of mobile health, i.e. the use of mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and other wearable devices) for prevention, treatment and personal wellbeing. Thanks to its Healthcare team, Landoor is a cutting-edge partner in this sector as well, providing translation services for applications in all of the most important languages, for example the localisation of doctor-patient and doctor/patient-pharmacy apps. In addition to this, Landoor is a reliable partner for interpreting services for events and conferences in the healthcare world.

Translations for hospitals and universities

Landoor offers excellent language mediation services for hospitals (public or private) and university medicine and health science departments. The precise multilingual scientific translation of information documents, clinical documents and research papers makes it possible to communicate the information to patients and students from all countries. In addition, at a time when globalisation is radically altering interactions in the health sector, Landoor supports healthcare institutions with translation services during partnerships and exchanges between medical teams based in different nations (in both the academic and clinical spheres).

Translations for institutions and government

In an increasingly multiethnic society, central and local health authorities are also required to rapidly communicate the results of their work and share information on health policies not just with their own community but also with citizens of various nationalities and similar institutions in other countries. Regulations, tenders, brochures, information pamphlets and all other kinds of official documents must be expertly and accurately translated so the original message is appropriately communicated to the recipients. Landoor provides translations carried out according to national health system standards to guarantee both accurate and effective communications. Standing out among the government bodies that regularly entrust the localisation of their content to Landoor’s professionals is the Italian Department of Health, whose official “Quaderni” periodical and online magazine is used to communicate the policies it has implemented in the area of prevention, epidemiology and national and local organisation to healthcare workers, citizens and stakeholders. A summary of the work it has carried out is available for the press. Another important type of document managed by Landoor in the healthcare sector is the Relazione sullo stato sanitario del Paese (Report on the state of health of the country, RSSP), a periodical publication edited by the Digitalisation Office in collaboration with the Healthcare Information and Statistics System and aimed at both Parliament and foreign observers. These reports outline the state of health of Italy’s resident population and provide guidelines for the development of healthcare policies and for planning any necessary action. Types of documents translated by Landoor in the healthcare sector:

  • Statistical analyses;
  • Medical records;
  • Medical consultations;
  • Medical insurance documents;
  • Hospital discharge documents;
  • Expert reports (both preclinical and clinical);
  • Health information for patients (pamphlets, brochures, leaflets);
  • Lay person summaries (summaries of clinical trials for non-experts);
  • Medical cards;
  • Guidelines;
  • Informed consent forms;
  • Paper peer-reviews;
  • Medical examinations;
  • Preferred Practice Patterns (PPP);
  • Management procedures;
  • Clinical protocols;
  • Research protocols;
  • Clinical trial protocols;
  • Trial protocols;
  • Medical reports;
  • Regulations and legislation;
  • Reports on clinical trials;
  • Results of tests and analyses;
  • Trial outlines;
  • Clinical trials.

Translation and interpreting for medical events and conferences

Landoor makes its team of qualified professionals available to its clients to help doctors, companies, scientific societies, associations and public institutions organise conferences and meetings in the medical and pharmaceutical sector. As well as supplying professional interpreters specialising in various types of interpreting (simultaneous, consecutive, chuchotage, respeaking), with expert knowledge of the specific sector and in all of the main languages, Landoor also provides the systems and technical equipment required for simultaneous translation (booths and headphones, audio systems, electronic voting systems, etc.). Landoor also provides its clients with 360° translation services, translating written documents such as presentations, abstracts, posters, programmes, invitations, flyers, totems and conference publications.

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