Translations for civil engineering, major works, construction

The civil engineering sector plays a crucial role in our industrial society with hydraulic works and infrastructure networks key to a country’s economic and social development. The development of such works involves the use of natural resources and the consumption of energy, factors which impact heavily on the environment, and so it increasingly important that they are carried according to principles of sustainability. Some of the most important construction and maintenance companies use Landoor as their supplier of high-quality translations and technical-linguistic services for all of their areas of activity (design, construction, operation, maintenance and redevelopment of buildings, bridges, tunnels, dams, embankments, water collection, distribution and disposal systems, transport systems like roads, railways, ports and airports). The same goes for various professional practices and design companies, as well as local authority urban and regional planning offices, universities, research institutions and schools of higher education. In a field like civil engineering, which requires high levels of precision and safety and the assumption of full responsibility for works that are often of strategic importance, our expertise, efficiency and fast turnaround times are highly appreciated qualities. Our clients are well aware that investing in efficient and accurate communications during the design and presentation phase makes it possible to reach out to potential clients on the foreign markets and gain a competitive edge over rivals during the tendering of infrastructure contracts. In order to work on translation projects in the civil engineering sector, as well as being refined linguists our translators must also have a strong background in various scientific disciplines: mathematics, physics, chemistry, IT, construction methods, geotechnics, hydraulics, topography and mapping. Our translators are always backed up by sector experts who are able to help them solve their terminology doubts in all phases of engineering projects: design, worksite and construction, testing, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, monitoring and detection, renewal, renovation and decommissioning of buildings and infrastructure. These are some of the types of documents translated by Landoor:

  • Patents;
  • Documents for international tenders;
  • Documents for tenders;
  • CAD;
  • Technical manuals;
  • Regulations (safety, environmental impact, landscape constraints);
  • Technical inspections;
  • Estimates of times and costs;
  • Maintenance, redevelopment, adaptation projects;
  • Technical specifications
  • Feasibility studies.

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