Spanish-Italian translations

Spanish (or, to be precise, Castilian) is the most widely spoken of the Romance languages and ranks third by number of native speakers. It therefore comes as no surprise that it is often one of the first languages in which export businesses choose to have their content localized. The Spanish-speaking world is an economic market with 480 million people, most of whom are online.

Castilian is spoken in Spain as well as much of Central and South America (Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Chile, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Uruguay and Venezuela) and in many Latino communities in the US. Indeed, while Mexico is currently the most populous Spanish-speaking country in the world, it is closely followed by the United States with the second largest number of resident native Spanish speakers. One of the issues that has arisen as a result of such widespread use is that there are now dozens of varieties of Spanish spoken around the world, with various lexicon, spelling and grammatical differences. This can be a problem when localizing content. Depending on our client’s budget, we can overcome this issue by using “standard” or “international” Spanish, a version universally understood by all Spanish speakers and appropriate for residents of many different countries. However, for the best results, when creative content is localized for marketing or adapted for a very specific target, it must be designed for each country. Landoor is a professional language service provider capable of masterfully managing details of this kind, with a team of competent, up-to-date project managers and mother-tongue professionals on the ground to confirm localization solutions.

Spanish-speaking countries interact with Italy in all industrial, commercial and cultural sectors, bar none. Landoor offers accurate language services from Spanish to Italian and vice versa for the translation of technical, scientific, medical and legal texts and advertising and publicity material for goods and services. Spanish-Italian translation rates may vary considerably depending on the area of expertise requested. Please email to learn more about translations rates from Spanish to Italian and vice versa.
Although communication between Spanish and Italian speakers may seem comparatively simple and intuitive, for the most important business negotiations, it is always advisable to use professional interpreters like Landoor’s, who deliver a complete range of world-class interpreting services (consecutive, simultaneous, liaison, chuchotage, call/video and respeaking).

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