Translations for multimedia marketing and advertising

Digital instruments have become indispensable for those that want to carry out marketing activities suited to the context and the clients of the 21st century. In fact, people increasingly talk about MarTech (marketing technologies) and AdTech (advertising technologies) when referring to the various cutting-edge options available to brands for establishing quick and reliable interactions with client with the aim of maximising sales and ROI. And this goes not only for pure players but also for the traditional companies that count on the support of business intermediaries and agencies or physical stores: nowadays, online and multimedia communications are essential for any company looking to get ahead. The role of marketing hasn’t really changed but now, more so than in the past, it is necessary to identify trends and meets the needs of the public in a way that takes account of new habits. For this reason one of the main tasks of a company’s chief digital officer (CDO) is to digitalise the entire business, and marketing in particular. It is important to recognise that digital marketing tools are distinctly two-way and have reversed the traditional balance of power between the vendor and customer: as well as being willing and able to contact businesses, customers can also become genuine influencers by expressing their opinions online. The social media also have an important role in marketing, not so much for their direct correlation with sales but more for the fact that they enable businesses to keep their fingers on the pulse in terms of the needs and desires of customers (information which in the past could only be obtained through onerous market research activities).

More than anything else, multimedia marketing means video content

With the spread of the Internet it soon became clear that one of people’s favourite ways of acquiring commercial information was through video content. In fact, as we all know, pictures tell a thousand words, and this is true not only in the world of entertainment and B2C marketing but also increasingly in the sphere of B2B and, more generally, corporate communications. International operators in any product sector must take account of this fact and ensure their stakeholders are able to access information and promotional videos that have been perfectly adapted to the target language or culture. This enables these operators to present their goods or services in a highly engaging way with a level of communication that is as effective as the original version, almost as if the texts were originally written in the target language and culture.

Landoor, top-class provider of localised content for multimedia marketing

Landoor is one of the best language partners on the market for the translation/localisation of marketing videos, offering its clients adaptation, subtitling, voiceover and dubbing services of unparalleled quality and value. In those cases where a straightforward translation isn’t enough to convey the necessary information in the desired style, Landoor’s language professionals can provide transcreation and creative copywriting services to ensure the content is highly persuasive and understood without any cultural misunderstandings. Our mother tongue translators all possess the necessary expertise in this regard (the ability to comprehend the original content and accurately and concisely convey it in a manner suited to the target culture) and work alongside sound technicians and engineering, recording and post-production experts to put together turnkey products. The dynamism and tech savvy of our multimedia localisation teams make it possible to notably reduce our clients’ time-to-market, thereby facilitating the widespread distribution of their promotional content.

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