Language consultancy for public entities and public services

Landoor is a historic provider of translation and interpreting services for all forms of communication between local and central government and the vast audience of foreign nationals that live in Italy (temporarily or permanently), the foreign press and other international institutions. The Italian authorities use two main tools for the awarding of translation/interpreting contracts. The first is the MePA platform (Mercato elettronico della Pubblica Amministrazione per l’acquisto di beni e servizi – the electronic public services’ market for the acquisition of goods and services), introduced by the Ministry of Economics and Finance and managed by Consip, for which Landoor has been a supplier in the “Publishing, Events and Communication” area for many years. The second is the Public notice for the awarding of contracts in terms of single translation projects, i.e. the traditional tendering process. Though faced with a packed field of competitors, Landoor regularly secures major contracts for the translation of documents and forms. These are joined by interpreting services, as well as the localisation of publishing, multimedia and audiovisual content for foreign language communications. Our translators and interpreters for public services specialise, where appropriate, in the legal sector, immigration, education, health, tax etc., and are always specifically selected for each project. Their backgrounds and the experience they have acquired over the years enable them to combine their language expertise, based on the full understanding of the terminology and phraseology most commonly used in the public services sector and its rendering in the target language, with a cultural mediation service, to guarantee not only the faithfulness of the content but also effective communications tailored to the specific recipients of each type of document.

Translations for public entities

The spectrum of public entities and government bodies that continue to use our services is wide-ranging:

  • Tax agencies
  • Local government
  • Authorities
  • Ordinary courts
  • Welfare agencies
  • Cultural and recreational agencies
  • Pension
  • Social security institutions
  • Constitutional bodies
  • Prefectures and prison services
  • Publicly-owned companies

The most prestigious activities commissioned to Landoor by government entities include the translations of the Ministry of Health “Quaderni” (also in a version summarising the contributions) and the Periodic Reports on the state of health in Italy. 

Interpreting for public services

The majority of requests from public services are for remote simultaneous interpreting in which a qualified professional provides their services via a web conference platform or a straightforward conference call. This type of arrangement simplifies the service and significantly reduces the costs connected with the transfer of interpreters and equipment hire. However, if an in-person interpreting service is requested (for interviews and negotiations, but also for conferences, conventions, international summits), our team is available 24 hours a day for simultaneous, consecutive and chuchotage interpreting services, also including fixed or portable equipment, in any country in the world.

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