Translations for the nutraceuticals market

Having undergone exponential growth, with sales up fivefold between the start of the millennium and the end of 2018, the nutraceuticals market is a challenge that the food and pharmaceutical industries cannot ignore. Like all emerging sectors, the success of the nutraceutical market – comprising dietary supplements, foods with medicinal benefits and functional foods – is based on a growing awareness among consumers of the benefits of using such products. In order to raise awareness of the key role that a healthy and balanced diet plays in guaranteeing people’s wellness and quality of life over time, it is essential to accurately and promptly share materials produced by research and development labs, production departments, regulatory offices and marketing departments of the leading nutraceuticals companies. With this in mind, the translation and localisation services provided in all languages by Landoor Life Sciences, Landoor’s department specialising in scientific translations, are absolutely invaluable. Landoor’s scientific translators, localisers, transcreators, terminologists specialising in the sector and consultants with experience in the field, often acquired over numerous years in neutraceutical production companies, make it possible to effectively and reliably meet the communication requirements of this innovative market. Landoor supplements its translation activities with expert adaptation of texts to the specific features of local markets, for example through localisation on the basis of dietary habits and standards of the individual countries, and with creative transcreation of documents to make them more attractive to the target audience, including adaptation of metaphorical and metatextual content. With thirty years of experience working alongside pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and world-renowned scientific publishing houses, Landoor is the go-to company for the translation of all materials produced in the nutraceuticals sector, from research protocols to product sheets, brochures and catalogues through to multilingual websites.

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