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Interpreting is the feather in our cap. Our mother-tongue interpreters are carefully vetted for expertise and professionalism and clients’ requests are handled by a dedicated project manager specializing in language services for corporate events. Our goal is to relieve our clients of the burden of grappling with any language issues or troublesome management of the event, so we provide an initial consultation to recommend the most appropriate interpreting technique. Not only that, for conferences and events with a large public, Landoor can help clients with additional services necessary for the interpreting, such as renting technical equipment, like interpreter booths and headphones, sound systems, etc. Landoor relies on world-class professionals for all its interpreting services. Our interpreters are bilingual professionals with extensive experience in specific sectors (scientific, technical, legal-financial, management, fashion and more). They have the knowledge and experience to smoothly handle any situation that may arise without prior notice, even without material provided in advance to help them prepare. Availability, versatility, integrity, discretion and empathy are the qualities that make our interpreters reliable and professional. We have earned, among others, UNI 10574 certification specifically for the interpreting sector in recognition of the rigor that distinguishes our work. Our interpreters use sophisticated computer-assisted interpreting (CAI) tools in the booth to streamline and optimize their preparation, to help them with specific terms or the data cited by the speaker for instance.

Countless interpreting hours, consistent quality

A vast number of businesses, bodies and organizations of all sizes have relied on our conference and liaison interpreting services over the years. We help them choose the right interpreting technique based on the type of event they’re holding. For example, to organize conventions, conferences and large meetings, Landoor recommends simultaneous interpreting, while consecutive interpreting is recommended for smaller groups and chuchotage (whispering) is ideal for 2-3 people.

For virtual events, webinars and Internet communications in general (e.g. Skype calls and other VoIP platforms), Landoor is able to provide its clients with reliable remote interpreters with extensive experience in the relevant sector who can guarantee them efficient and economical remote consecutive or simultaneous interpreting services.

The rates and the number of interpreters may vary significantly based on the number and difficulty of the languages requested, the hours of work and the subject matter. We briefly describe the different services that Landoor provides below. You may follow the link for a more detailed description.

Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting is when an interpreter translates the speaker’s words in real time. Interpreters sit in a booth, simultaneously translating speeches into the target language (or languages) for the audience. For small groups and short events, a small portable kit may be used instead of booth.

Remote interpreting

Virtual meetings, conferences, training activities, webinars… whatever the type of meeting and the languages being spoken, modern communication technologies and the new expertise developing in the interpreting world make it possible to achieve similar – if not more effective – results than with traditional in-person interpreting.

Though not a completely new concept, remote interpreting, a form of linguistic mediation in which the speaker and the listener are in two different places, has made giant strides along with the advancement of technology and the increase in demand.It originally took the form of telephone interpreting, widely used in the 1980s and 90s before being almost completely replaced by call interpreting. In fact, with the advent of videotelephony the difficulties associated with purely audio-based forms of communication were overcome, video calls also taking account of the non-verbal and paralinguistic aspects of communication, such as facial expressions, hand gestures and body language.New Internet- and streaming-based communication technologies (web platforms designed ad hoc to hold video meetings, webinars and other online activities) then paved the way for video conference interpreting, an effective and economical form of linguistic mediation which in many respects is an excellent substitute for face-to-face communication.

Consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is when the interpreter takes notes for 5 to 10 minutes while listening to the speaker, then summarizes the content of the speech for the audience in the target language.


For individuals or groups of up to three people, Landoor offers chuchotage interpreting (whisper interpreting) in which an interpreter is next to the listeners and whispers a simultaneous translation to them.


Respeaking is an innovative interpreting technique in which, during an international conference, the text of each speech is displayed on screens directly in the target language (interpreters translate simultaneously as they would normally do, but their spoken phrases are accurately converted into subtitles using speech-to-text software and projected on the screen in real time).

Liaison interpreting

Interpreting in which the interpreter is at the client’s side during business negotiations is dialogic. The interpreter conveys information between the two or more languages being spoken based on short pieces of conversation, without taking notes. Landoor’s liaison interpreters are renowned for their impeccable language skills and their specialized training in the sector of the negotiations.

Interpreting for training courses

In addition to their excellent knowledge of the languages, Landoor’s interpreters assisting teachers and students at all types of training events have in-depth knowledge of the field being taught.

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