Translations for the banking sector

Landoor is the language service provider (LSP) of choice for prestigious merchant banks, investment banks and credit institutions, as well as international payment and money transfer companies, who know they can count on the complete range of interlinguistic services offered by the company to facilitate communications between international branches and optimise communications with customers in local markets.  We provide these clients with translations of “technical” documents on banking, payment, financial and investment services, as well as localisations of web pages and marketing materials, also multimedia in nature.

In recent decades operators in the banking sector have become increasingly aware of the importance of quality translations and localisations for emerging on a globalised market. This applies to all of the main banking activities: retail banking, placement and management of securities on the primary market, dealing and brokerage of instruments on the secondary market, loans/mortgages, business finance. In every sector and microsector Landoor meets two key requirements: compliance with international regulations and the prompt delivery of documents, contracts, forms, directives, declarations, communications, regulations, procedures, reports and news of all types. All of this is possible thanks to the 24-hour service we provide via our partner offices at international level.

Our work teams (consisting of project managers, translators and revisers) translate printed and digital documents and localise multimedia content.

We translate the following types of bank documents:

  • distribution agreements
  • annual reports
  • consolidated financial statements
  • financial reports
  • individual reports
  • business plans
  • certificates of incorporation
  • codes of ethics
  • analyst comments
  • letters to shareholders
  • investor communications
  • CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) documents
  • financing documents and contracts (loans, mortgages, leases)
  • IPO documents
  • mortgage documents
  • summary documents
  • transfer pricing operation documents
  • due diligence
  • surety bonds
  • bank guarantees
  • investor guides
  • pre-contractual disclosures
  • privacy information
  • KIIDs (Key Investor Information Documents)
  • anti-fraud guidelines
  • anti-money laundering guidelines
  • risk management guidelines
  • 231 organisational models
  • tax regulations
  • insurance policies
  • prospectuses (on investments, current accounts, deposit accounts, credit cards, debit cards, applications and virtual portfolios)
  • risk profile questionnaires
  • management reports (annual, half-yearly, quarterly, intermediate)
  • reports on investments, performance and markets
  • regulations of PRIIPs (packaged retail investment and insurance-based products)
  • information sheets
  • Service level agreements (SLA)

We provide expert localisation services (also often from a cultural perspective) to make the following accessible to foreign customers:

  • applications and software (for mobile banking and online trading)
  • brochures, booklets and information leaflets
  • marketing campaigns on banking and investment services
  • press releases
  • social media content
  • business letters
  • classes, webinar tutorials for the use of online banking
  • promotional and advertising material
  • newsletters/circular letters
  • corporate presentations
  • websites and web pages (also for online banking), banners and landing pages

Landoor’s project managers entrust banking sector translations exclusively to linguists with extensive and proven expertise in the area: often these professionals have a strong grasp of banking law and previous work experience in leading banks.

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