Biotechnology translations

Biotechnology is a cutting-edge area of scientific research. That is why information and research results need to be communicated quickly and accurately. In fact, this industry is a major contributor to worldwide R&D activities and its often revolutionary advancements require scientific translations capable of accurately conveying the multidisciplinary complexity and sheer scale of its discoveries to the target audience. The technical and industry-specific language of the original documents produced in this area not only requires specialist knowledge and a firm understanding of technical jargon, but also the ability to carry out research on terminology and content using suitable tools and a mindset that treats translation as a form of scientific communication. Aware of these implications and unyielding in its support for the world of science and research, Landoor believes an expert translation service of impeccable accuracy is not enough. In fact, it brings together a pool of experts who support translators with their updating and continuous training and, at the same time, help clients with the delicate process of localising biotechnology translations (guidelines, dedicated manuals, local administrative procedures).

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