Cosmetics translations

In recent years people have become increasingly aware of the importance of looking after their bodies with environmentally-friendly products that protect their health and this has resulted in the constant growth of the natural and organic cosmetics industry. Accurate and prompt communication of content – from informational dossiers to scientific studies – produced in this area by scientific research groups and communication departments is of crucial importance in raising awareness at a global level. To ensure the effective communication of scientific studies, product sheets and informational dossiers on one hand and brochures, web pages and informative or commercial pamphlets on natural cosmetic products on the other, it is critical to work with a partner that has extensive experience in translating human science and scientific marketing documents. Thanks to twenty years of experience collaborating with leading international scientific publishing houses and its in-house team of multilingual translation and communication professionals, Landoor Life Sciences is in a position to meet both these requirements. As well as skilled translators, Landoor’s specialists are also highly expert at communicating scientific and commercial content in the natural and organic cosmetics sector, not only guaranteeing punctual and faithful replication of content but also its adaptation to local cultures and standards (localisation) and a transcreation or copy-editing service, to make sure the translated text has an impact on the target market. Our translators are supported by expert terminologists – often with direct experience at pharmaceutical companies or natural cosmetics manufacturers – who provide them with their specialist knowledge, for example regarding the names of plant-based active ingredients in organic products, environmentally-friendly working processes or the recyclable and biodegradable characteristics of packaging. Finally, drawing on thirty years of experience in the translation and localisation of packaging for pharmaceutical companies, the Desktop Publishing department of Landoor Life Sciences is the privileged interlocutor of marketing offices that work in close contact with research and development labs to perfect labels, lists of ingredients and other crucial data for appropriate information communication to consumers.

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