Translation of menus

Lots of restaurateurs rather naively use automatic translations to obtain foreign language versions of their menus with results which are inaccurate and incomprehensible in the best of cases and downright hilarious in other cases. The damage to the company’s reputation is guaranteed. Even the translation applications that tourists use on their smartphones are sometimes unable to tell them what they’ll find on their plates: once again, the sense of frustration is quite tangible. The more clued-up restaurateurs know that it is worth investing a certain amount of money to translate their menus into the languages most commonly spoken by their diners, possibly also indicating the presence of any allergens and suggesting the most suitable wines to accompany the various dishes. This makes customers feel truly at home and is a way of spreading the Italian culinary culture in the simplest possible way: when the diners are tourists in our country. Landoor offers this type of support for every kind of catering service: from major international fast food chains to trattorias, osterias and farm restaurants, and right through to Michelin-starred restaurants, also including the banqueting and catering services used at international events and conferences. Landoor’s professional translators only translate into their mother tongue and, where necessary, are able to provide paraphrased translations that briefly outline the ingredients of a dish and how it is prepared.

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