Copywriting services

Producing a steady flow of content that draws the attention of the public is a must for businesses in the 21st century. Sending the right message to potential customers is vital to ensuring that a product gains a strong market position and retains it. Developing well-argued, quality content that makes your brand visible is not easy in a world where the sheer volume of words and images produced by mass media and digital media is overwhelming. If a brand wants to stand out, it must create original, engaging content that speaks to its customers’ actual interests. Landoor harnesses the power of its two greatest assets – human talent and creativity – for companies determined to market their goods and services globally. With three decades of experience in international language and communication services, Landoor’s top services include copywriting (original content in the language requested by the client) and translating existing messages, adapting them perfectly to the target culture and language. With our copywriting services, both in Milan and at our correspondent offices in London, Berlin and Paris, we make your business communications more effective and convincing in other cultural contexts. All this is possible thanks to our creative copywriters and world-class transcreators. For online content specifically, in addition to using the writing techniques most appropriate for the different types of products and services, we also offer an expert SEO-oriented copywriting service powered by our in-depth understanding of all the principles and techniques that will elevate your web pages to the top of search engine results. Learn more:

Strategic copywriting

To raise brand awareness and generate valid leads, smart businesses use strategic copywriters who know how to communicate in traditional and digital formats with engaging texts, the right tone of voice for the target market and search engine optimization.


Copyediting, which consists of carefully revising the language and style of texts that have already been translated or prepared by professionals or companies, brings added value to academic, informational or business material. The content remains the same, but the style is refined in a manner perfectly in line with the author’s intent and the characteristics of the target market. More


Transcreation is increasingly gaining traction in international marketing. Translations are enhanced in the hands of Landoor’s transcreators, who creatively adapt content and images to the target cultural context, creating the same emotional triggers in the target language as the original material, for a final product that reads as if it were originally created in the target language and culture.

 Medical writing

Medical writing is a form of authoring that focuses on drafting scientific or informational texts commissioned by healthcare companies, doctors, healthcare workers, pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers of nutraceutical or medical products.

 Scientific marketing

Copywriting is an essential part of marketing and promoting medical science products and services. It includes writing the text for brochures, articles and advertorials for print or posting online, newsletters, videos and any other type of multimedia material.


Authoring is the creation of new material and documents or multimedia content for public distribution according to the client’s instructions or message. Landoor offers authoring services for manuals, marketing, advertisements and any type of online content with a focus on SEO principles and logic.

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