Translations for the food sector (food & beverages)

In Europe the food and wine market is the most important manufacturing sector in terms of revenues. Italy has always played a leading role in this field, combining innovation with tradition to transform its culinary industry into a vehicle of culture and knowledge across the world. The media plays a dominant role in modern society and if a business doesn’t communicate in the right channels it risks missing out on the visibility it needs to emerge in its target markets. For decades Landoor has been recognised on the Italian market as a reliable translation services partner for the food and wine industry, providing it with invaluable support to take advantage of the almost infinite expansion opportunities for Italian food products at global level. Landoor provides its translation and localisation services to all operators in the food chain, from the best known food & wine brands we use at home to the major retail industry, from logistics and the canning industry to restaurants, restaurant associations, importers and the specialist press.

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In such a complex and structured production sector, a straightforward translation that transposes concepts from one language into another is not enough. This is why Landoor supports its mother tongue translators with a team of revisers (copy-editors) who have in-depth knowledge of the sector and supply chain, and are able to convey the unmistakable appeal of the Italian culinary tradition in the languages of the biggest markets, whether established or emerging. Our translations for the food & beverage sector range from the localisation of multilingual websites and e-commerce sites to the translation of brochures, catalogues and product sheets, the localisation of labels and packaging, and copywriting for marketing campaigns.

Food & beverage translations demand excellent language skills

When it comes to translations for the culinary sector, the task of conveying the unique characteristics of the local tradition in a different language and cultural context can appear nigh-on impossible. We ask our linguists to operate as skilled technical translators but also genuine communication professionals. Thanks to our translation and transcreation services, your message will not lose any of its colour, fragrance or flavour; on the contrary, it will acquire more effective communicative power for the target market. The excellence of our work is guaranteed by our triple ISO certification. These are the main specialist areas of Food sector translations:

Translations for the food supply chain

Landoor provides accurate translation services at competitive prices for all kinds of businesses that operate in the agrifood supply chain, with particular focus on traditional Italian agrifood products.

Translation of packaging texts

Landoor provides marketing translation and localisation services for labels and packaging in all product sectors with full respect for the regulations in force in the target countries.

Translations of recipes

Landoor supplies translation and localisation services in the culinary sector with particular focus on the editing of food and wine texts, the translation of photo captions, voiceovers and the subtitling or dubbing of video recipes.

Menu translations

Landoor offers menu translation services for every kind of catering service: from major international fast food chains to trattorias, osterias and farm restaurants, and right through to Michelin-starred restaurants, also including the banqueting and catering services used at international events and conferences.

Translations for the nutrition and wellness sector

Landoor provides companies in the nutrition and wellness sector with services for the translation and localisation of promotional material, packaging and websites and online stores with particular attention focused on accurate adaptation to the conventions of the target country and the creative re-editing of texts presenting products.

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