Translations for the energy sector

Landoor is a long-term partner of energy sector businesses in both in the Oil & Gas segment and the alternative energy field, and is able to provide effective linguistic mediation services in the most widely-spoken languages thanks to its highly experienced mother tongue translators and expert consultants in individual sectors. The main linguistic challenges in this sector revolve around the extreme complexity of the subject matter, the continuous evolution of research and projects (which result in the continuous growth of specialist terminology) and delicate questions connected with plant security. The majority of communications between technical experts take place in English but it is also true that the localisation of documents (paper or digital and online) in other languages cannot help but expand the potential target audience of clients/users, improve the productivity of operators, increase safety levels and indirectly reduce operating costs for producers of articles and plants or for service providers. Furthermore, it shouldn’t be forgotten that the success of a product on the global market often depends on the preparation of well-translated advertising and information materials that have been localised in the target language.

Translations for the Oil&Gas sector

Prestigious international producers and distributors of electricity and gas come to Landoor for the translation of technical and company documents, including their web content. They know they can count on the expertise of skilled and experienced work teams, formed of specialist technical translators and interpreters, also operating in the key locations of the oil industry (Middle East, former Soviet states, China, USA) and able to interact with clients, suppliers and institutions. Landoor’s language services for the Oil&Gas sector extend to the entire supply chain: exploration, extraction, storage and logistics, transportation, refining, energy production, petrochemical processes, distribution and marketing – in addition to which there are its partnerships with producers of machines and components, and with businesses dedicated to engineering and planning.

Translations for the renewable energies sector

The renewable energies industry is a sector that is set to grow increasingly rapidly in the near future. Nowadays company R&D departments are increasingly focused on making progress in the generation, transmission and distribution of clean energy (solar, wind, geothermal, hydroelectric or deriving from biomass). Across the world we are finally seeing a joint effort to optimise the management of resources and implement energy production plants that respect the environment, reduce waste and reuse/recycle energy. In any international partnership or trade project in the clean energy sector it is important to be able to count on clear and effective communications that are up to speed with the latest developments. These are some of the types of documents translated by Landoor in the energy sector:

  • articles in trade magazines;
  • brochures, fliers and other marketing documents;
  • documents for international tenders;
  • certificates of registration with chambers of commerce;
  • environmental certification;
  • compliance certification;
  • job completion certification;
  • press releases and press kits;
  • contractual conditions;
  • support contracts;
  • supply contracts;
  • procurement contracts;
  • Gantt charts;
  • technical drawings, CAD;
  • health&safety documentation;
  • software and hardware interfaces;
  • operating instructions;
  • operating manuals;
  • launch manuals;
  • installation manuals;
  • maintenance manuals;
  • commissioning manuals;
  • quality manuals;
  • technical manuals in general;
  • audiovisual material;
  • newsletters;
  • offers and proposals;
  • technical inspections;
  • procedures;
  • maintenance, redevelopment, adaptation projects;
  • calculation reports;
  • technical reports;
  • safety alerts;
  • safety sheets (MSDS);
  • product sheets;
  • technical sheets;
  • websites;
  • technical specifications;
  • feasibility studies;
  • test reports;
  • inspection reports;
  • company registrations with chambers of commerce.

Translations for B2B services specifically for the energy sector

As well as the purely technical aspect of communications in the oil/gas and renewable energies sector, Landoor’s specialist translation services also cover all documentation related to connected activities, such as:

  • ICT;
  • quality control;
  • financial department;
  • legal department;
  • commercial and marketing department;
  • safety systems.

Certified translations: guaranteed reliability and competitive advantage

Landoor operates in the energy sector with triple UNI and ISO certification, no small matter when it comes to choosing a supplier of key services in a segment that by its very nature is associated with significant levels of risk in every area (deriving from the need to develop major works, the continuous fluctuation in the prices of raw materials, the huge sums of money connected with contracts) and strong competition, where the language factor can also play an important role in securing tenders and supply contracts. For promotional events, trade shows, business meetings and training courses Landoor offers a UNI 10574 certified interpreting service

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