Why choose Landoor?

Landoor is a leading company in the language services sector, offering professional translation, copywriting, interpreting and localisation services in all of the most important language pairs and for the most varied types of content. As a professional translation agency, Landoor is able to call on over 2000 high-profile translators, transcreators, copywriters, localisers and interpreters with specialist training in an extremely wide range of disciplines, who are supported by the most advanced technologies. It is therefore the partner of choice for leading companies and organisations in the most important specialist fields and industrial sectors:

Medical translations

Our translations for the medical and pharmaceutical sector represent a large part of our portfolio. Thanks to substantial investments in the selection and continuous training of our work teams (made up of medical translators, editors, revisers, medical writers and interpreters for medical conferences) and the support of language technology tools specifically designed for the medical, pharma and healthcare world, we are able to provide top-quality translation and interpreting services to pharmaceutical companies, producers of electromedical devices and the healthcare world.

Scientific translations

In addition to medical and pharmaceutical translations our Life Sciences department also supplies translations and editing services for the scientific publishing sector, from science articles to books on medicine, for CROs and companies and organisations that operate in the fields of biotechnologies and biochemistry, biosafety, nutraceuticals, natural cosmetics and environmental protection. Our scientific translations and interpreting services are certified according to the strict ISO 9001, ISO 17100 and UNI 10574 standards.

Digital & Multimedia translations

With our teams of professional Digital & Multimedia translators and localisers we are specialised in IT and telecommunications translations and translations for all kinds of traditional and digital communications channels (including the new media and entertainment), guaranteeing rapid time-to-market and competitive prices, as well as accurate technical and cultural adaptation (localisation) to the target market.

Technical translations

Landoor supplies high-precision and expert technical translations for the most important sectors of industry: energy, engineering, machine tools, civil engineering, aerospace, electronics and automotive. We guarantee maximum terminological consistency and a work process certified according to the UNI EN ISO 9001 criteria. Thanks to the support of advanced Language Technology systems (CAT tools and Machine translation), our rates are highly competitive and our delivery times are short.

Fashion & Design translations

We are a reliable partner for clients that operate in the worlds of fashion, luxury, design and architecture. Our translators, transcreators, copywriters and interpreters combine an accuracy for content and terminology with a compelling and engaging style that successfully conveys the values and creativity of the finest Italian traditions in all other languages. Choose Landoor’s communication experts for the translation and localisation of materials and interpreting services at trade shows, workshops, events and presentations.

Food & Wine translations

In every phase of the food supply chain clients can count on Landoor to supply professional translations with appropriate linguistic, cultural and functional localisation to enhance their websites and e-commerce sites, advertising and promotional materials and packaging. To showcase the real quality of Italian food and wine it is important to be able to count on the engaging and effective words of Landoor’s creative translators and localisers.

Tourism translations

Landoor is able to support leading operators in the tourism and travel, hotel and catering sectors with accurate and effective translations of catalogues, guidebooks and all kinds of written material in all of the most important languages in the world.

Leisure and free time translations

Translation and localisation of all types of documents for the sports sector, wellness services, texts and packaging for the hobby sector: this is what we are able to offer businesses and publishers in the leisure industry that want to use multilingual communications to make themselves more appealing and successful on the global market.

Translations for consultancy companies

The business, HR, marketing and certification system consultancy companies that represent such irreplaceable partners for companies that want to invest in their growth can count on the professionalism of an equally prestigious partner like Landoor to provide higher quality translated documents ─ whether commercial, financial, legal or educational ─ and meeting and conference interpreting services.

Institutional translations

Public entities and public services, universities, research centres and the voluntary sector can entrust Landoor with the majority of the translations of their institutional activities: administrative, legal and promotional content and documents for which we guarantee the highest standards of accuracy and linguistic suitability.

Financial translations

Landoor is a valued language partner for the translation of financial documents. With years of experience and a pool of highly qualified linguists and editors, we deliver flawless translations for the Finance departments of companies across all industries, from banks and credit institutions to asset and fund managers, investor relations departments and firms, insurance companies, real estate operators, accounting firms and tax and financial advisors. We are as experienced in translating purely financial and accounting documents (analyses, financial reports, statements and attestations, always in accordance with international standards) as we are in localizing material for marketing and communications with customers.

Legal translations

The translation of legal documents is another important area in which Landoor’s language professionals shine. We assist leading advisors and law firms, notaries, academic institutions and legal publishers and are an invaluable partner to the legal departments of companies in any sector. Whether our clients need the translation of documents like contracts, court decisions, patents, certificates or law books from or into major world languages, we deliver complete terminological and conceptual compliance and consistency even when dealing with the complexities of different legal systems (e.g., civil law vs. common law).

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