Technical translations

Being able to count on a reliable supplier for the translation of technical documents is essential for all businesses that operate in more than one nation or that hope to expand on the international market. Now more than ever industrial production is a global effort in which the production chain is spread across the world and the transformation process, which starts with the raw materials, continues with assembly and ends with the distribution of the finished products, takes place in different countries. As a company expands on the international markets these work phases must be efficiently coordinated and this includes taking care of all linguistic and communications aspects. This is followed by the product marketing phase, which is also increasingly globalised and necessarily multilingual. Although a technical translation in English is a first and fundamental step for increasing your potential customer base, it is important not to neglect other European and emerging market languages. Landoor provides professional translations of multilingual technical documentation, also for large volumes of words, with the possibility of editing the texts and formatting them using the most diverse of layouts. As the translation of technical manuals or technical translations in general require the perfect transposition of factual content in other languages, our working method provides support for mother tongue translators already specialised in a specific topic in the form of a pool of revisers that have direct professional experience in the sector or even direct contact with the client itself. In a field like the technical sector which is characterised by its high levels of standardisation (which become quite extreme in the case of patents or certificates), all efforts are made to ensure the correct information is relayed and that all possible ambiguities are avoided. Our translation activities for the technological-industrial segment cover all markets and all actors in the supply chain, and enable our industrial clients to meet the challenges of their sector safely and effectively.

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Technical translations: low rates but high quality – how do we do it?

Technical translations require almost maniacal attention to terminology. Landoor guarantees top quality translated texts thanks to the synergic use of various tools which enable it to reduce working costs and times without impacting on the quality of the translation. More specifically, it employs the following tools:

  • Technical glossaries and extensive terminology databases: provided by the company or compiled by translators and approved by the client, also on a different platform, these make it possible to ensure the consistency of single words or phrases or linguistic formulas with company and/or regulatory jargon.
  • Translation memories and CAT tools, essential for guaranteeing consistency within the same text, in long-term projects and in updated texts on pre-existing or newly released products;
  • Machine translation engines developed and customised according to product sector and the client’s language preferences, used exclusively in accordance with the client where the quick and straightforward comprehension of the content is required, for texts designed for internal use, and to reduce costs;
  • Quality Control systems to check for spelling mistakes, terminological consistency and the completeness of the translation.

Landoor, professional provider of language services for industry

As a supplier of first-rate technical translations, Landoor entrusts the management of every packet of technical documents requiring translation to expert project managers who, in turn, select the mother tongue translators that are most adept in the relevant technical sectors. The translation then undergoes meticulous revision by specialists that work directly in the sector and a final check by the Landoor Quality Control Department. This highly structured work flow process meets extremely high quality standards (quality system certified according to the UNI EN ISO 9001 and ISO 17100:2015 standards). Types of documents translated by Landoor:

  • Calls for tenders
  • Patents and patent applications
  • Specifications
  • Catalogues and brochures
  • CAD
  • Product labels and packaging
  • Safety data sheets
  • Operating guides
  • Warranty booklets
  • Textbooks
  • Price lists
  • Instruction manuals, user guides
  • Maintenance and repair manuals and other technical manuals
  • Staff training material (printed or for e-learning)
  • Regulations
  • Designs and plans
  • Technical reports
  • Safety sheets
  • Technical sheets
  • Websites and portals
  • Software
  • Product specifications
  • Feasibility studies
  • Schedule tables

Landoor can translate all technical documents and manuals (also limiting its linguistic interventions to the updated parts of the most recent release of a product) and lay them out using structured languages (XML, DIDA etc.) and DTP software suitable for managing technical documentation (e.g. Autocad, InDesign, FrameMaker, LaTex, PoEdit, Xliff, etc.). For more information:

Translations for the energy sector

Landoor provides the oil&gas and renewable energy sectors with complete, personalised and accurate solutions with excellent communicative value, at economic prices and with fast turnaround times.

Translations for civil engineering, major works, construction

With its team of translators and technical sector specialists, Landoor provides design studies and construction companies with linguistic and translation support for the design, construction and maintenance of infrastructure and civil engineering works.

Translations for plants and engineering

Landoor provides accurate translation services to plants and engineering companies in a wide range of product sectors for technical, commercial and administrative documents.

Electronics translations

Landoor is a top-quality partner of companies that want to localise interfaces and information and promotional material for electronic devices of all types with fast turnaround times and maximum terminological consistency.

Translations for the aeronautics and aerospace industry

Companies and research institutes in the aerospace sector can count on Landoor for highly professional and accurate translation services thanks to its language professionals with direct experience in the sector. 

Automotive industry translations

For decades Landoor has been providing technical translations in all areas of the automotive industry – design, manufacturing, marketing, sales and technical support- with consummate expertise, reliability and discretion.

Translations for machine tools, automations, robotics

Landoor supplies companies in the mechanics and industrial automation sector with translation and localisation services for software, technical documentation and marketing and communication materials like catalogues and press releases.

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