Translations for notary offices

Landoor’s translation and interpreting services are chosen on a daily basis by prestigious Italian and international notaries that operate as public officials and consultants.

The translation of notarial acts and company documents is a complex and delicate operation because the declarations of notaries in public acts have probative value in a court of law. For this reason, when a notary office reaches out to Landoor the project manager assigns the project to high-profile translation professionals who as well as having excellent linguistic knowledge, typical of specialist mother tongue translators, also have the notable ability to consistently convey concepts belonging to different legal systems in another language, ensuring that the final document can be used in full by the target audience. With particular regard to the translation of company constituent documents, our language professionals have excellent knowledge of Italian company law and the corresponding legal systems in the countries where the working language is spoken.


Notarial documents for which translations may be required:

  • property sales and purchase documents
  • company and commercial law documents (articles of association and company deeds of establishment, merger transactions, trust agreements)
  • statutory declarations
  • title deeds
  • notarial acts for the acceptance of inheritance
  • deeds for the establishment of associations, NPOs and foundations
  • donation contracts
  • mortgages and mortgage loans
  • property sale mandates
  • general powers of attorney
  • special powers of attorney
  • protests
  • wills and codicils/footnotes/additional clauses
  • notarial minutes

As a notary is required to carry out a series of formal checks before drafting a document or writing a deed in order to avoid fraud or prevent damage, the types of documents entrusted to Landoor often also include translations of other additional documents such as land registry and town planning checks for properties and confirmations of the absence of prejudicial procedures such as mortgages, sequestrations and seizures.

Sworn translations of notarial acts

Landoor’s services also include sworn translations at notary offices in which the sworn translation of the notary deed is included in the draft of the act or in the form of a specific sworn translation certificate which follows a standard formula. The inclusion of the sworn translation makes the bilingual version of the act in question legally valid. In this case the translator must be present when the notary deed is drafted so they can orally translate the content of the act and make direct changes to their written translation if the parties wish to make any modifications. At the same time, the certified interpreter-translator also signs the act together with the contracting parties.

Landoor’s notarial consultancy language services

Landoor also supports notaries who, as freelance professionals and in parallel with their work as public officials, provide consultancy to clients. In these cases Landoor is able to provide both interpreting services for the phases in which the notary establishes the wishes of the parties and indicates the most suitable and advantageous forms of contract to the client in fiscal terms, and translations of the content of the contract, its clauses and the legal implications of the acts. A notary office can count on our linguistic mediation when it needs to inform the contracting parties of their rights and obligations, and the fiscal and professional costs. Our translators can also translate preliminary assessments of acts and contracts to be drawn up (compromises, preliminary contracts, wills, donations, inheritance documents, drafts of private agreements) into a foreign target language. In addition to this, notary offices know they can count on our testimony and interpreting services for deeds, stipulations and assistance in the signing of notarial acts that involve speakers of different languages.

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