Real estate translations

Italian and foreign real estate companies turn to Landoor for translations and interpreting services. Agencies handling the purchase/sale of properties abroad do the same when they need language support when communicating with real estate firms, banks and foreign tax authorities.

On a globalized market like real estate, it is crucial to have a world-class partner that knows not only the language but the target culture as well. Our linguists are advised by real estate professionals who are always up to date on the most recent regulatory requirements, financial risks and environmentally sustainable growth trends in the construction and redevelopment of properties. These properties may be commercial, residential, industrial, for tourism/hospitality, sports facilities or infrastructure.


We assist all major infrastructure, building and industrial operators with translations for the real estate sector. Throughout the entire process, from planning to financing, through to the sale, we work with:

  • architects, engineers and draftsmen, urban planners and designers
  • merchant banks
  • builders
  • real estate fund managers
  • public and private investors
  • brokerage firms
  • listed and unlisted real estate investment firms (SIIQ and SIINQ)
  • project financing firms
  • real estate companies

Types of documents translated by Landoor in the real estate sector:

  • market analyses
  • energy efficiency certificates
  • deeds of sale
  • leases
  • notary deeds
  • invitations to tender for infrastructure
  • business plans
  • technical specifications for tenders
  • safety standard compliance certificates
  • zoning certificates
  • codes of ethics
  • sale and purchase agreements
  • lease/rent agreements
  • rent-to-buy agreements
  • bare ownership contracts
  • fixed-term usufruct contracts
  • loan agreements
  • asset management agreements
  • system compliance certificates
  • documentation to participate in auctions
  • documentation to tender
  • IPO documents
  • property donations
  • due diligence reports
  • guidelines (governance, compliance, risk management, anti-money laundering, anti-fraud)
  • loans and mortgages
  • organizational models pursuant to Leg. Decree 231
  • securitization transactions
  • appraisals
  • real estate exchanges
  • investment plans
  • floor plans
  • insurance policies
  • regulations
  • actuarial reports
  • technical reports
  • internal reporting
  • land registry records (with source verification upon request)
  • feasibility studies
  • property assessments
  • minutes and reports
  • land registry results
  • mortgage registry results

Our linguists specialized in real estate translations have integrated expertise in a variety of fields (technical, legal, financial, tax and marketing) and are assisted by real estate advisors and editors. The texts in the target language are drafted in accordance with the definitions of international regulations, including international directives and standards for surface area measurement (International Property Measurement Standards, “IPMS”).


In addition to the real estate-specific documents cited above, we receive many requests from clients for the optimal and incisive localization of marketing texts for foreign markets. These documents include:

  • press releases
  • articles in magazines, newspapers and the local press
  • advertorials
  • flyers and brochures
  • billboards
  • advertising campaigns
  • corporate presentations
  • websites
  • newsletters
  • mobile apps
  • real estate advertisements


We also offer transcreation, formatting, graphics and printing services available upon request, in addition to web page localization. A specific Landoor division handles all liaison interpreting services for the real estate sector.

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