Translations for environmental protection

In order to make a real contribution to protecting our planet and addressing the climate emergency which has taken hold in recent years, it is important to spread and communicate accurate, clear and effective messages. Given the critical nature of the issue, the number of documents written on this subject – from regulations and guidelines to books, manuals, reports and dossiers – and requiring translation or localisation according to local standards and specifications continues to grow all over the world. Environmental protection documents relate to the following areas:

  • Marine environment and the need to reduce pollution caused by fertilisers, pesticides, chemical substances and above all plastic
  • Soil and threats of flooding, erosion and desertification
  • Atmosphere and the importance of protecting it primarily from pollution and global warming.

The complexity of the issue is reflected in the language in which scientific texts are written: as a consequence, scientific translations on the environment must be accurate, prompt and timely in their publication. The scientific translators of Landoor’s Life Science team are experts on this topic and undergo constant updating given the continuous and worrying evolution of these trends.

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