Translations for tour operators and travel agencies

In the tourism and travel sector, the translation of informational texts and promotional materials requires specific expertise in terms of both language and style. In addition to proposing quality destinations and offers, the printed materials and/or websites of tourism industry operators intent on acquiring a greater number of international clients must also present their content in a clear and convincing manner. This is only possible through appropriate localisation by talented translators and, in the case of websites, with the skilled optimisation of the code for SEO purposes, improving the visibility of the web pages in search engines, i.e. their indexing, in order to generate a greater number of leads. Landoor can count on the most advanced information technologies for the localisation of printed texts, websites and applications, and uses first-rate work groups to provide turnkey translation services. We have already had success in the most diverse sectors of mass and elite, national and international tourism, collaborating with operators in the following areas:

  • Travel agencies
  • Agritourism
  • Beaches
  • Camping and caravanning
  • Cycling tourism
  • Cruises
  • Pleasure boating
  • Youth hostels
  • Mountain refuges
  • Spas and wellness
  • Honeymoons
  • Organised trips
  • Holiday resorts

For businesses in the tourism sector Landoor is able to translate/localise all types of tourism content for websites and printed materials, including:

  • Applications for smartphones and tablets
  • Audioguides
  • Brochures, booklets and leaflets
  • Events calendars
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Catalogues
  • Interfaces of comparison websites
  • Press releases
  • Contracts
  • Guidebooks
  • Maps and plans
  • Promotional material
  • Newsletters
  • Booking platforms
  • Insurance policies
  • Press kits
  • Tour and cruise itineraries
  • Airline magazines
  • Museum, art gallery and other cultural institution websites
  • Tour operator websites
  • Websites for promoting tourism (local, regional and national tourism boards)
  • Promotional video clips (subtitling, voiceovers, dubbing)

Interpreting for the tourism sector

As widely documented, Landoor is also a leading supplier of all forms of interpreting services in the most important language combinations. In the tourism sector it offers two particular forms:

  • Tour guides, who accompany large or smaller groups of people on their visits of cities or regions; these professionals combine their proficiency in the foreign language with the artistic and cultural expertise needed to introduce and familiarise visitors with the city’s museums and artistic heritage, and are able to assist tourists in their mother tongue;
  • The personal shopper-interpreter, a figure who combines linguistic mediation expertise with excellent knowledge of the most important shopping itineraries in the most prestigious cities (first and foremost Milan, of course).

Translation of travel catalogues for tour operators

Among the translation services offered by Landoor, the translation of holiday catalogues is particularly important. The possibility of providing the client with clear and detailed travel information in their own language is crucial in the process of convincing them to purchase a package or book a flight or hotel. For this reason, investing in the translation of catalogues (also online) is always a successful strategy for tour operators, one that enables them to be truly competitive on an immense market. The Landoor translators that work on such projects must have in-depth knowledge of the various areas of the tourism industry: transport, culture, hotels, catering, food and drink, events and attractions. In addition, Landoor professionals are also mother tongue localisers and transcreators, capable of expertly combining purely tourist information with an advertising message and marketing formulas in keeping with the target culture.

Translations of guidebooks

Straddling different areas such as geography, history, art, architecture, food and drink, anthropology and folklore, the translation of guidebooks is a specialist sector that requires a wide range of expertise. Landoor translators are aware that as well as the accuracy of the translated information, for guidebooks it is important that the texts (whether printed or in the form of e-books) are also perfectly comprehensible to an audience with a completely different cultural background. For example, when translating tourism texts there will be references to artists, literary figures and other eminent personalities of a specific nation who are well known to those who have always lived in the country in question but for whom additional notes or explanations will be required for a foreign reader (why this person is famous, when they lived, where they come from, etc.). In other cases it may be necessary to describe unique and one-of-a-kind culinary specialities, events or customs for which there is no real equivalent in other languages. Publishers usually allow translators to add additional explanations or notes at the end so the message they transmit to the reader is perfectly comprehensible.

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