Translations for tax and financial advisors

Tax advisors provide an invaluable service to companies, corporate groups, non-profit organizations, non-commercial organizations and individuals not wanting to make any mistakes in their tax obligations or dealings with the national and local tax authorities. Tax advisory services cover all aspects of direct taxation (such as the preparation of tax returns, interim payments and final payments of personal income tax, corporate income tax, the regional productivity tax and VAT, substitute tax statements, VAT and local property tax returns and the related tax payments) and indirect taxes (registration tax, stamp duties, inheritance tax, etc.). These services also include analyzing, monitoring and overseeing tax compliance with respect to corporate and payroll taxes and the tax obligations of natural persons.

The implications of language on these obligations are significant for companies with international operations or tax obligations in foreign countries, and many prestigious tax advisory firms turn to the expertise of Landoor’s teams specializing in the translation of tax due diligence documentation and more. We only use mother-tongue translators with a long track record in this field, whose experience is reinforced by ongoing updates on changes in rules and practices and who can always count on the support of experts in our Legal division and our partners in major capital cities around the world.

In addition to this, rapid changes in national and international tax law create the need for specialized consultancy on domestic and cross-border mergers, de-mergers, contributions, acquisitions and reorganizations, as well as turnarounds, transfers, winding up and equity transactions. Indeed, Landoor is the go-to partner for corporate finance translations like opinions and valuations. Furthermore, our interpreters are always available to provide in-person or remote assistance to tax advisors and their clients in negotiations, particularly when it comes to contractual clauses with tax implications.

Tax advisory firms call us when they are representing foreign entities in tax disputes in out-of-court settlements or in-court proceedings at any level before Italy’s provincial and regional tax courts or the Supreme Court. The documents our translators are most frequently asked to translate are defense briefs, motions for remedy without legal process and requests for consultation on tax matters.

Translation of transfer pricing policies

All companies require precise tax planning at a national and/or international level to optimize investments and transactions and handle any issues arising from dealings in tax havens (i.e., the countries in the ECB’s black list).

Proper transfer pricing policies are practically routine for multinational companies, establishing the way in which income is transferred from one country to another through intragroup transactions.

This entails the translation of the master file and country files for cross-border dealings, in addition to a large quantity of collateral documents. Landoor’s linguists follow OECD guidelines, carefully using the transfer pricing terms established by the European Union.

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