Translations for the free time sector

Landoor translates and localises all kinds of documents for the most diverse areas of the leisure sector. Whether it be for goods or services in the wellness areas, communications in the sports sector or materials and packaging for the hobby industry, there are numerous benefits to partnering with a firmly established translation agency like Landoor. Businesses of any size and publishers or web publishers can use multilingual communications to make their companies appear more dynamic, gaining traction also on foreign markets or localising products originally written in other languages for the Italian market. Our work teams consist of carefully selected professionals (translators, revisers and industry experts) who are able to guarantee translations that are both extremely accurate in terms of terminology and highly compelling in terms of style. This enables them to meet the agreed communication goals. On request we can also provide copywriting and desktop publishing services, interpreting services at all kinds of trade fairs and events, and the localisation of multimedia contents. For more information:

Translations for the wellness sector

Landoor provides companies in the wellness sector (thermal spas, beauty farm, spas, wellness centres) with high-quality services for the translation and localisation of promotional materials, websites and product packaging.

Translations and interpreting for sport

Businesses and publishers in the sports world can rely on Landoor for multilingual translation and interpreting services for corporate communications in sport, legal content, marketing and sporting events.

Translations for the hobby and free time sector

Landoor provides translations for the various segments of the hobby industry, supporting companies that require the accurate localisation of products and translations to meet their communication and marketing goals.

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