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Landoor has always worked in publishing, gaining considerable experience over the course of countless projects with the most prestigious publishers. Based in Milan, our Editorial division works alongside the Translation division. Once the linguists have done their part, it steps in to take over the editing, proofreading and curation of any type of document. Many publishers and businesses know they can rely on Landoor’s services as an editorial agency capable of managing each and every step in the preparation of a translated text, from the first draft to revision and proofreading, to the creation of the files for print or posting online. From books and instruction manuals to user interfaces, a translation frequently needs a professional look that fully reflects the author’s original intent. By entrusting their project to Landoor, clients never need to convert the original or final files. They simply send the original document to Landoor, which translates the content and adjusts the layout and graphics, then quickly returns it to the client in its reformatted version. Learn more:

Digital editing

Landoor’s DTP division provides digital editing services, processing and laying out text files in any format or programming language and on any support (hardcopy or digital) and then formatting it for publishing.

Text review

Editors step in after formatting is complete. They review the text to carefully check that it is precise and accurate and add the last finishing touches for perfectly consistent style, terminology and look.


Proofreading is usually the final step in the editorial process in which an expert meticulously checks the text for errors and flaws in form or appearance.


Upon the request of publishing houses, Landoor may add another step in the editing process, curation carried out by a professional of the highest caliber with specific expertise and experience in academia or a relevant profession. The editorial curator may collaborate with the publisher in the localization of the work (offering the appropriate guidance on how best to adapt the form, content and layout of the text for its target audience) and for final technical or scientific validation.


Landoor may also complete the translation service it offers clients, be they publishers or other businesses, with formatting to match the original document, using all major last-generation DTP software (InDesign, Autocad, Freehand, etc.). The price/quality ratio of Landoor’s editorial service rates is excellent.

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